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Karamel || DarylxOC by Alyrockyforever
Karamel || DarylxOCby Daddy Stark
-She steps forward, not sure what else to say, or why she was there. Then Daryl steps forward too and suddenly their lips are connected and she gasps. But she doesn't pu...
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The Third Dixon ~Revised~ (Carl Grimes) by HeyItsMellycx
The Third Dixon ~Revised~ (Carl Gr...by Mels :)
My first book is up! But i wanted to revise it because i wrote it when i was in middle school.. Anyways here goes. Ashley Dixon was 12 years old when the apocalypse hit...
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Trackers - A Daryl Dixon FanFiction by PhantomMagic
Trackers - A Daryl Dixon FanFictionby PhantomMagic
Even after the intial outbreak and the apparent loss of her adoptive father, Lacey Grimes believed that life could still have meaning. When given the suggestion by one o...
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Healing Broken Wings by The_Huntress_17
Healing Broken Wingsby Talia Hamilton
Kristina Lewis is a 20 year old girl. She's timid and quiet, she doesn't like getting attached to anyone because everyone she's ever loved was killed by walkers. One day...
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The Way We Used To Be [Another Negan fan fic] [completed] by Bridget0001
The Way We Used To Be [Another Neg...by Bridget Hammond
"You belong with me, you always have." "You're a monster." "I'm your husband. I'm more to you than they ever will be." ain't no doubt Neg...
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Will She Survive: Various Yandere Walking Dead X Reader by EPICNESSQUEEN21
Will She Survive: Various Yandere...by EPICNESSQUEEN21
(Name) (Last Name), She is a daughter of a cop, is a coroner, and is a strong independent woman. When the world goes to shit, she stays behind to watch over her friend R...
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Firecracker ➝ Daryl Dixon by restlesslovee
Firecracker ➝ Daryl Dixonby Lori
Book One. Complete. Arden was a fighter, or as Daryl liked to call her- a firecracker. But when Arden's brother goes missing that fire starts to die out and she is fac...
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Home Is Your Heartbeat ('Home Is' Book Two - Daryl Dixon) by cantgettosleep
Home Is Your Heartbeat ('Home Is'...by cantgettosleep
Semi-mature. Book Two picks up immediately from the last chapter of Home is You. Nate is an Aussie girl who was stranded in Georgia during the outbreak. She and fellow...
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Various X Reader One shots! by Charlattee
Various X Reader One shots!by .charlattee.
We all have had that awkward time in our lives when we have had or still have a crush on a person or thing that isn't real. If you are reading this book then you probabl...
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Carls little sister. (ON HOLD)  by julez1989
Carls little sister. (ON HOLD) by ;)
We all know Carl has a little sister Judith, but have you heard of his other little sister find out in Carl's little sister
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For Daryl Dixon [part 1] by BethGreenesJournal
For Daryl Dixon [part 1]by Beth Greene
So this is Beth and Daryl's story. Follows a similar story line of the show but with a twist when Daryl and Beth get separated. I wanted to make a story more realistic t...
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Virus - A Zombie Novel by AveryBethWilson
Virus - A Zombie Novelby Yours truly
What would you do if you came home to an empty house, stolen car and dead people in your yard? Alex had to learn by herself how to survive, and then she met Beau and Wi...
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Caged (Negan fanfic) by Krazy_Kupid
Caged (Negan fanfic)by Krazy_Kupid
"All I wanted was to be set free yet I was thrown into another cage." Before the apocalypse, Laney considered herself trapped in a life she never wanted. Durin...
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In My Veins | Negan's Daughter by taytaylorabc
In My Veins | Negan's Daughterby ᴛᴀʏ -hiatus-
"I can't help who I am. It's in my veins." [THE WALKING DEAD: NEGAN'S DAUGHTER] (Season 7+) What if the big, bad Negan had a daughter? Would she be just as...
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Forever Alone // Carl Grimes (The Walking Dead) by YourCobainShirt
Forever Alone // Carl Grimes (The...by Lauren
| Book One of the 'Forever' trilogy | ~•~ "I'm like a grenade, Carl. I'll explode one day and I'll take everything and everyone down with me. I cause trouble, hell...
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bullseye ➵ daryl dixon by adagioacquiescence
bullseye ➵ daryl dixonby julia
in which an arrow finds its way to the target ➵ Adira was hopeless, alone, and utterly terrified. That was, until she met Daryl Dixon. ➵ [daryl x oc] [seasons 3-?] [star...
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INAUGURATE | Chandler Riggs [2] by carlsgrime
INAUGURATE | Chandler Riggs [2]by mar.
INAUGURATE | CHANDLER RIGGS | the girl's happiness was all but paradoxical.
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  • andrewlincoln
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Last One Standing ~ TWD Daryl Dixon by ssjmsjm
Last One Standing ~ TWD Daryl Dixonby SJM
TRUST NO ONE. KEEP MOVING. STAY ALIVE. When the outbreak came and the dead walked Jo and her family promised one another to survive no matter what. Months of running did...
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Don't look back by mrsjonesgrimesrhee
Don't look backby mrsjonesgrimesrhee
Mary is four, and running, running, running. Running from the monsters, the terror. Running for her life, in no real direction. Then she meets a man who can save her, bu...
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Clouis  by jackaverymusiic
Clouis by 𝒷𝑜𝑜𝓎𝒶𝒽♡
a moment where marlon / brody didn't die, but marlon almost did. thankfully brody grabbed the gun from AJ before anything could happen. clementine stopped marlon from hi...
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