Chapter 13

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Carl and I walked through the gates of the prison, slightly nervous and dejected, which were opened by a very annoyed Rick Grimes.

"Carl! What were you doing?" He scolded, clearly annoyed with his sons valiant antics. I tried to ignore the dissapointed look he shot me before turning his gaze back to his son. "You can't just leave and come back hours later! You could have died."

Carl scoffed.

"I did something for the good of the group," He said slowly, his forehead creased in frustration, his hands gesturing as he spoke. "The Governor is still alive and he's planning an attack on the prison."

The group crowded around us to listen.

"We went to Woodbury," I explained, taking a deep breath. "I saw people watching the prison and I recognised the car. He's coming to kill me. It's my fault."

Rick frowned, his gripped tightly into his hair in some attempt to lessen his frustration. Andrea looked pained as she locked eyes with me.

"It's not your fault," She said sternly, turning to Rick. "I got her into this, it's my fault."

Andrea frowned and dropped her head while Rick shook his.

"It's not your fault, Andrea," I reassured, feeling at a complete loss of words due to this situation.

"It dosen't matter about blame," Rick cut in. "We need to prepare. We found a good place and I'm not up for giving it over to a one-eyed asshole."

Rick ushered everyone into the prison, we followed his lead as he stepped into the canteen. He called a meeting and sat everyone down at the canteen tables before standing up to address the group.

"The Governor is coming to the prison to attack us," Some people gasped and murmers erupted throughout the room.

"We need everyone who is willing to help. We need to get all weapons and store them. Noone will use any ammo between now and tomorrow. We need everything we have. Now go." Rick ordered and the room erupted in chatter and movement.

Soon enough weapons pilled up in the canteen area and Rick ordered everyone to take a weapon and a round of ammo. I kept my machete and handgun close, loading it with a full line of ammo. I couldn't ignore the nagging feeling of guilt that clenched at my heart.

It's your fault.

I jogged into my cell, slightly pissed off with myself, and packed everything I had into my rucksack. I spent long enough alone to know to be prepared.

That, and I was an extremely pessimistic person and there was no way in Hell we were keeping that prison.

"Are you okay?" Carl asked. He stood leaning against the threshold into our cell. I sighed and stopped packing to speak, my hands shook and my heart hammered for the uncertainty of the future.

"Yeah.." I composed myself, "I'm just scared, I guess."

Carl nodded and sat down next to me. He slung an arm around my shoulder and I let my head rest against his chest. He sat for a long time, just giving me as much time as I needed to bring myself back to reality.

"Promise me you won't die, Carl." I whispered, listening to his steady beating heart.

"I promise," Carl said softly and rubbed up and down my arm in reassurance. A warmth blossomed in my stomach and a small smile crept across my face.

"I dunno where I'd be without you, Grimes," I said, giving him a tight squeeze.

"Likewise," He chuckled, letting his head rest atop mine.

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