Chapter 24

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Terminus looked exactly like it did just less than a year ago. The fake trust of the faded black lettering still the same. Sanctuary for all, the biggest lie I have ever encountered. If killing innocent people is Sanctuary, then we have no hope. Carol led us along the side of Terminus, up high enough to overlook the factory.

"Crouch down here." Carol ordered, pulling out her sniper. She took a few minutes to scout out, she had obviously seen somthing, she had her sniper trained on only one area.

Carol abruptly took her face away from the scope, pushing the sniper in my direction.
"Look, just over that wall."

I nodded and gazed through the lens. I immediatly saw what Carol was talking about. We were too late to get to them. Everyone, Michonne, Maggie, Rick, Daryl, Glenn, everyone, even a few people I haden't seen before. One heavily muscled ginger man and two women. Another man with long brown hair and some more of out group.

Each and every one of them were being herded into the dull red crates. It was all too familiar for me. The darkness, no hope, stench of death and inevitable deathly fate.

"They're all there." I sighed, dropping the sniper back to the ground. All of our group had been herded into the crates, then just left there, for whatever there purpose may be in later days.

Carol shot me a worried glance and I sighed again. Carl and Tyreese were completely clueless.
"They've got all our people herded into crates. Carl, your dad is alive."

I expected Carl to be relieved, but his expression didn't change. Maybe he just didn't know how to act.

"What do we do?" Tyreese asked.

"I don't know. We'll have to sort this out. In the meantime, Ty, put together all the weapons we have." Carol ordered. She shot me a 'talk to him' look and I weakly nodded.

Tyreese took Judith and set her down somewhere safe, he immediatly began to dig through the backpacks for ammo and weapons. I gulped in a large breath of air and turned to Carl who was looking at me, worried. I motioned for him to follow me and I dipped further into the curtain of the trees.

I slumped down against a lone tree and patted the ground beside me, for Carl to sit down.
"I just wanted to talk, incase whatever happens now means one of us.. dies."

Carl stiffned and his eyes softened.
"We arn't going to die, Lauren."

"I just want you to know that if we get seperated, I'll search the ends of the Earth for you." I smiled, looking down to the dirt-stained hands resting on my lap.

"I'll never give up on finding you, Lauren. I'll never loose you. I'll always find you. I promise. Promise you'll find me?" Carl's electric blue eyes glossed over, like he was thinking of the inevitable.

"I promise, Carl." I choked out. My blue eyes were brimming with tears. The thought of leaving him was tearing me apart. I needed to do this, to relieve my guilt over Chelsie.

"Hey, don't cry." He soothed, wiping away the lone tear that left a trail of moisture down my cheek. I melted into his touch, cupping his hand in mine, pressing it to my cheek. My lips trembled but I managed to compose myself.

Carl stared into my eyes lovingly and a small smile crept across my face. He wasted no time in connecting our lips in a gentle and passionate kiss. I wrapped my tired arms around his torso, letting myself forget all my worries for just a short while.

"I promise I'll always find you." Carl mumbelled, his words were full of meaning, but did he mean it? I felt in my heart that he did, but time passes, feelings change. I know that I love him, I love him so much it hurts, but I can't tell him now. If I did I'd never leave him.

"Remember our promise." I smiled, tears daring to fall from my eyes. I kissed Carl on the cheek and retourned to the camp. I plucked my rucksack off the ground and tucked my machete into my trousers.

I bee-lined around Tyreese and picked up Judith, kissing her forehead gently. By now I was almost in tears, moments from breaking down completely.

"I'll be back for you baby. Don't forget me if I don't come back." I mumbelled, kissing her forehead again. Judith gurgled and mumbelled 'Mama' again. My heart was about to explode, but I couldn't feel this. Not when I had an important mission.

I gave Carol a weak smile and left quickly. I didn't want Carl seeing me leave, I wouldn't be able to explain it to him, and I couldn'd have him stop me. I couldn't put his life at risk. Judith needed him. I needed him.

I followed the fence to the front gates of Terminus, it was a stupid guarding schedule. There was never any guards at the front gate, supposed to show how genuine and trustworthy they are. I slipped in over the metal gate and bee-lined for the side door into Terminus I had used when I escaped the first time. Now I'm doing the opposite, breaking in.

Another stupid move, the door was unlocked. I pushed open the door and stepped into the dark abyss.

Remember our promise.

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