Chapter 36

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Joan, who I had just found out was the leader of Mortis. She has shoulder length wirey hair. Her face was sunken and the visible wrinkles showed years of struggle. I didn't answer, better that she say her piece first.

"I'd like to talk to you. As a new resident of Mortis. You are inclined to answer a few questions of mine." Joan smiled, but I didn't feel the sincerity.

Carol made warning eye contact with me and left the house. I stared down at Joan and took a seat at the dining table across from her.
"I'll answer your questions."

Joan smiled and intertwined her fingers, resting them on the table infront of her.
"How did you find our town?"

I sighed.
"After Chelsie died I fled into the woods, then I came to face the walls of this town."

She squinted her wrinkled eyes at me.
"How did you bypass the guard?"

I smirked and leaned back in my chair. I was in no mood to answer her petty questions.
"I've learned a thing or two after the last few years."

"Like what?" She sounded irritated, like I was just not giving her what she needed. We both knew that I wasn't some scared addition to this town. I was different and she knew that.

"A magician never reveals her secrets." I stared Joan down, my eyes showing nothing but complete boredom. I wasn't going to give her leverage over me.

Joan realised her futile attempts to extract information from me would be in vain.
"I need you to go on a run now with a few civilians here. Prove your worth. Be outside the gate in a half hour."

I nodded and Joan abruptly rose from where she was standing and left the house without another word, which I appreciated. I can see, in the near future, us not seeing eye to eye. The door slammed shut with an audible thump and I sighed, maybe killing things would get my mind off all this Carl crap.

When Carol re-entered I filled her in on my 'assignment'. She wasn't all for it, which was understandable, but we both knew I didn't have a choice.

"I'll see you later." I sighed, picking up the machete I had threw on the floor. Carol nodded and let me leave with a small wave goodbye.

I stepped out into the light midday sun, the air was warm, meaning summer was near. I sighed and tucked the machete into the strap of my belt before making my way to the gate. I turned to see a farmiliar face smiling at me from the window across the street, Sasha, a face I had missed. I gave her a small wave, making a mental note to go see her soon.

There was a group of maybe five or six people waiting at the gate, including Glenn and Daryl. I smiled and jogged to join them. I glanced back to the rows of white houses with a sigh. Would this be where I spend the rest of my life?

"Hey Lauren, you look better." Daryl sent me a small nod, likely the height of his affection. Glenn smiled, his knife and gun tucked into his waistband.

"Thanks. I feel a bit better." I mumbelled, smoothing down my freshly washed hair, which I was still getting used to the luxury of having.

I turned and studied the guards that would be with us, all buff with dark hair, exept one, and big guns. Which, weirdly, made me feel more on edge. I wasn't going to scream out that I didn't trust them, but in reality, I didn't trust them. Something about these people was off, and I would find out their motive soon.

"Everyone here?" One of the guards, the only blonde man asked, his eyes scanning the crowd, he gave me a look of dissaproval.

"Not everyone!" A girl's voice squeaked. I turned to see, who I really hoped it wasn't.

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