Chapter 9

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I woke with a pounding headache and a hazy view on what had transpired. I tried to stand but my hands were bound to the armrests of an old wooden chair. My legs were ties to the legs of the chair and I groaned loudly. The only light was coming from a small window on what I thought was the right side of the room.

"Glad you're awake, princess."

I stiffened and realised then that I wasn't the only one in the room. Before me sat the man dressed in black.

"What do you want?" I spat, mentally trying to figure out a way to escape.

"Grant said you told the boy to go to the others," He questioned. "Where are your group?"

"Why should I tell you anything?" I laughed, ignoring the fear that made my heart beat faster.

The Governor brought his hand hard across my cheek. I hissed in pain as the blood rose from beneath my skin. I didn't answer him, just watched as his expression changed from one of authority to frustration. He brought out a knife and dragged the tip down my arm. I bit my lip to avoid crying out.

"Alright, alright," I breathed. "I didn't like them people anyway."

The Governor smiled, oblivious to my lies and put his knife back in his boot. I could feel the warm trickle of blood run down my arm, not deep enough to cause too much damage.

"Tell me," The Governor demanded, sitting back in his seat across from me.

"We were travelling to D.C," I lied. "They have a rule. If you ain't back they continue. They'll be long gone by now, bunch of weaklings with fuck all supplies."

It was a gift. I was always a great liar as a child, came in handy more times than once. I could make anyone believe anything with a confident answer and a straight face.

The Governor looked disappointed as he paced back and forth. He looked indecisive, like he was fighting a mental battle within himself.
"I'll get someone to give you food and let you out later."

"What are you going to do with me now?" I asked sweetly, using innocence as a façade. The man before me seemed like someone who would have had a child, no matter how bad he was, I doubted he would kill me.

"I'll decide later. You seem strong and determined, I'll give you that." The Governor left the room and shut the door behind him. I could hear the metallic clang as the door locked.

Hours and hours passed before anyone came near me. My arm felt like it was on fire and any movement sent a shock through my body. The blood had stopped long ago but the lingering pain remained.

The door unlocked and a figure blocked by shadow entered my prison.

"The Governor is lettin' ya stay," He said, "As long as ya say nothin' to noone."

I could swear I heard that voice before. Before I could question him, I heard a sound of a switch flick and the room exploded in light. I squinted my eyes to adjust to the harsh lighting, the figure becoming clearer.

"Lauren?" The man's voice full of shock. My eyes fully adjusted and I took in my long lost relative.


Merle and I weren't close like Daryl and I, but it was nice to see a farmiliar face even if it was on the bad side. I offered him a tight-lipped smile while he took in the state of my injuries.

Merle untied my arms and helped me stand up in the chair.
"What happened to your hand?"

"Long story," Merle answered bitterly, he pulled out a rag from his pocket and handed it to me."How did you get here?"

"I wittnessed the Governor kill some innocent guys," I sighed, hating how I always managed to get myself into these situations. "Carl and I tried to escape but I sacrificed myself to get him out alive."

"How noble of you," Merle chuckled, as I pressed the cloth to my injury. "Bit stupid though. Everyone dies in the end."

"I have to take you to Andrea, you can trust her," Merle said and I nodded slowly, "We are tryin' to overthrow the Governor. I'm not a good guy, but he's gonna kill me sooner or later."

Merle gestured for me to follow him as he walked down the carpeted hallway. The lack of people had caught me off guard, but I assumed this was an off-limits area.

"Have you seen Daryl?" Merle asked, the hint of desperation in his voice gave me the idea that Merle could be salvaged.

"Yeah, I found his group," I replied, flexing my injured arm. "Daryl is alive."

Merle nodded and knocked on a door. We waited only a few seconds before the door slowly swung open, answered by a blonde woman with a pistol on her hip. Merle greeted her as Andrea and I nodded towards her.

Andrea was pretty, yet she held herself like she knew what she was doing. She held an air of friendliness about her but I would always be cautious.

She gestured for me to come in while Merle scampered down the hallway and leaving me with Andrea. I stepped into the large room and took a seat on the nearest leather armchair. A wooden coffe table sat infront of me, covered in glass.

"Let me take a look at that arm," Andrea said and left the room and returned with a small first aid kit. She sat next to me and stretched out my arm, more gently than I anticipated.

"Merle said I can trust you," I said and Andrea nodded.

"You can," She said. "I'm working on getting everyone out of here. I have everyone convinced, except his main men. He thinks they don't know what he's done."

"So what do you need me to do?" I asked. Andrea had already done everything, she just needed to put her plan in motion.

"He is suspicious of me already," Andrea sighed. "He wants to meet with you later, he sees something in you. Promise or something. I need you to kill him."

My eyes widened and I almost choked on my saliva. I pulled my fully bandaged arm from Andrea and shook my head.
"Are you serious?"

"I need you to save all these people," She protested. "There is so many lives at stake. He is going to kill innocent people. You are the only person that can get close enough without raising suspicion."

I sighed and ended up agreeing even though I didn't know if I could do it or not. I had killed people, but that was in self defence, me or them, this time it was different. Andrea prepped me on what to do. She told me she hid a dagger, strapped under the desk in his bedroom.

Andrea fed me and concealed a small dagger in my boot incase things went bad while I was mentally preparing myself to take a life.

"Good luck, Lauren." Andrea smiled weakly before leaving me standing outside the Governor's apartment room.

I stood outside the room for a few minuted before I prepared myself. I gulped in a deep breath and numbed my nerves before knocking on the door.

"Hello princess."

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