Chapter 38

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The next day I woke up early and left the house. I needed to clear my head, this town is wearing away my sanity piece by piece. It's too normal, and that's what will get them all killed, they're relying on the safety of these walls, but one day, they will crumble down and everything they worked for will be returned to dust. They will have exiled the world for so long, when they are thrown out there, they will all die.

Can you feel it? The darkness seeping into your mind? You're going crazy, Lauren. It will consume you.

I sucked in a shaky breath. I hated this place, hated it with every ounce of my being, but I had nowhere else to go. I'm alone in this world. I ignored the bustling of people around me and made my way to the back wall of the town. I never particularly had a fear of heights. The machete hung loosely on my hip, flopping as I placed one foot after the other onto the towering metal fence.

The climb was enjoyable, I could see the whole of Mortis. The trees surrounding it, and the people who resided in it, oblivious to the fact that they were all going to die. I hit the ground with a thump, sending small plumes of dry dirt into the air.

I breathed in the scent of freedom, trudging into the warm air that surrounded me. The trees sheltered me from the spring sunshine.

Maybe you can leave. Turn your back on them all, after all, they don't care for you. You're a burden.

I let my body fall to the ground against a scratchy tree, my heels digging into the dirt. I tangled my fingers in the mess I called my hair. What is my purpose? Why am I still here? I didn't feel the pain until the warm taste of metallic blood grazed my tongue. Why am I alive and Chelsie is dead?

Before I knew it, I drifted off into a sleep. The weight of my concious mind becoming too much to bare. Hatred. Death. Weapons. Lies. Betrayal. Blood.

"You're making enemies, girl." A voice seethed. I flung my head upwards to see Adam staring down at me with a malicious grin and a pistol. I smirked, gazing at him with lazy eyes.

"That's not new news." I chuckled, slowly rising until I was standing directly infront of Adam. He shook, under the influence of either alcohol or pure rage.

"I lost my job, house and now I have no means to protect myself. We all know that town is going to hell and bitches like you just make it worse." Spit dripped from Adam's mouth and the bitter smell of drink hit my nostrils.

"I didn't try to kill you." I seethed, taking a step foward until the shaft of the gun was grazing my head.

"Get back!" Adam yelled, his arm shaking violently. Instead, I dropped to the ground. I abruptly kicked out my leg, crashing the end of my foot into his knee, causing his gun to drop from his hands and fall into the pile of leaves on the grass.

Adam swayed and staggered, swing out a fist but missing my face by a mile. I grabbed his gun and placed the deadly end to his head. Adam cursed and shifted where he was bent over. His eyes were full of pleading and insanity.

"Kill me." He goaded, almost mocking my ability to kill mercilessly. I stared him straight in the eye and brought my hand back, crashing the butt of the gun into his head. Adam slumped down and fell limp on the dirty ground. He belongs there, but it is no means to take his life.

I left Adam there, if luck decides to spare him then that's fine. I cursed, gazing through the winding trees, all greens and browns of the forest wasted on my eyes that have seen to much bloodshed to understand beauty.

They only tolerate you. Kirsty, she pity's you. Jo dosen't care and Carl, he dosen't love you. Who could love someone like you? You're shattered, too far gone to fix. You couldn't even keep your best friend breathing.

I screamed in agony, practically ripping out every strand of my hair. I was tired; Tired of life. The evening light shone through the cracks in the treeline. I needed to get back, Carol would worry about me. I staggered through the trees, feeling as if a weight greather than the Earth had been placed on my shoulders.

You need him. He dosen't need you.

The pain blossomed in my heart, growing until my whole body felt numb. Why did I let him go? Why didn't I listen to him and tell him that I forgave him. I love him. I love the boy that took my dark heart and made it into something capable of loving.

Love is a lie.

I inhaled deeply, climbing the cold metal fence that surrounded the town. It was dead quiet, nothing more than a lone fire, igniting the night shone through the darkness. I jumped down the walls, landing swiftly on my feet.

I almost couldn't see the Walker meters away from me, but I could hear the gurgle of death eminating from it's undead lips.

It's a little shorter but I'll do a longer chapter next! LARL NEEDS TO BE CUTE AGAIN.


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