Chapter 7

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The prison was the perfect place to set up. I mean, it's supposed to be able to hold god knows how many fugitives. Murders on Death Row, you name it. Even with it's highly expected security, it was never a desirable place to think of setting up, even during the end of the world. Dark hallways, dead inmates, zombified inmates and a whole load of bloodied cells. Perfect.

But how long will it last?

"We can sleep in the cells at night. Close them over, it's perfect protection against Walkers." Carol was talking to Rick who nodded in agreement. She was the kind of person who decieved you at a first glance. Carol looked like the kind of woman you'd expect to live as a housewife behind a stove, but as I watched her, I realised, that was her façade, her deception.

"We need to block off all entrances to this Cell block, we can clear out the others later." Glenn supplied, gesturing towards the front wall of the prison.

"I'll start with a farm. I kept some crops from my farm." Hershel said and hobbled over to a small brown bag.

You can take a man from his farm, but you can't take the farm out of him.

"We'll start with the cells," Rick nodded towards the mostly silent group that had accumulated in the canteen, "Two to a cell for safety. Everyone find somewhere to stay."

Through all of this, I was relatively quiet. I watched, slowly figuring everyone out. Their little quirks, their traits. I didn't care for staying with anyone, I wasn't keen on even getting to know anyone. If I had the choice I wouldn't be long in here.

Beth approached me, her blonde hair trailing down her right shoulder, with Judith cradled in her hands. She had a warm smile and she spoke with a gentle country-girl accent.

"You can stay with me, but you might have to share a bed with Judith."

"No, that's okay." I smiled, almost sincere. At least there was some friendliness and hospitality left in the world "I'll just take a cell to myself. I'm not used to so many people anyway."

With a quick nod, I left and located an empty cell and dumped my denim rucksack on the cemented floor. The cell was small but good enough for me. It's not like I was used to anything fancy anyway. I hopped onto the top bunk and stared up at the colourless ceiling.

"How did I get here." I whispered to myself. Days ago I was strolling through the wasteland that is Georgia, with no goals, no responsibilities and nobody to give a shit about but myself. Out of nowhere I was thrown, a baby, a tempermental teenage boy, and a group full of misfits.

Thank you, fate. You always seem to find a way to screw me over.

"A strange chain of events," Mr. Tempermetal Teenager himself was leaned against the metal barred door of the cell. I let my head flop back town against the hard bedding and sighed.

A strange chain of events indeed.

"Do you mind if I share a cell with you?" He added with a lobsided smile. "Everyone else is taken."

Smooth, Carl. Smooth until you added that last part.

I sighed, it couldn't be that bad with someone else. At least I wouldn't be lonely. Carl stood patiently at the entrance to the cell, his bright blue eyes watching me expectantly.

"I suppose."

Carl nodded in appreciation and stepped inside. He threw his bag down on the ground and flopped down in his bed quietly, there was a few minutes of silence before he spoke again.
"What are you thinking about?"

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