Chapter 5

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My first thought was run as far away as humanly possible, but something drew me back. Would it be better for me? Or would it come back and bite me?

Trust is a lie. If you put yourself in danger you could loose.

For once, I ignored that voice in the back of my head telling me not to trust these people. I had already agreed to go with them and they may be my only ticket to a happier life. I could be safe. I've never stayed in the one place for more than a week and I knew that I couldn't do that forever.

"So how did you lose your group?" I asked Glenn, trying to shake the uneasy feeling I got from staying too long in plain sight. He smiled at me, momentarily making me feel a little more at ease.

"We all got split after a huge horde attacked where we were staying.. I don't even know if Maggie is alive." Glenn sighed, scratching the back of his neck. That is a reason I had never got a group, I couldn't take the death of someone I cared about. Maybe Maggie was still alive, but in this world, it's not likely.

"I'm sure we'll find them soon." I reassured him, he seemed like he needed it. Even though I found it hard to reassure myself.

Rick caught up and stood next to Glenn, bearing a smile and a look of gratitude.
"So what's your name?"

I toyed with my machete and sighed.
"My name's Lauren Dixon, I'm fifteen."

The group stared at me in shock like something I said actually meant something to them. I coughed awkwardly and Glenn snapped back into reality.

"Any relation of Daryl Dixon?" Glenn questioned, his tone friendly and welcoming.

"I have a cousin called Daryl, we were close when we were younger but I haven't seen him in years."

Maybe he's alive.

Who am I kidding? The only relation I ever cared about happened to just be alive in the middle of a dead world ans I just happened to stumble across his group.

"We have a Daryl Dixon in our group, well that's if he's still alive." Rick said and I shrugged before continuing on. It didn't seem like much to react on. He may or may not be my cousin and may or may not be alive. I don't want to get my hopes up.

"How far away is this prison anyway?" I asked noone in perticular, kicking a pebble infront of me. A small plume of dirt rose from the dry road and Glenn turned to answer me.

"It's only a few miles from here." Glenn said, toying with the knife that he held in his hands.

Judith started to cry and I dropped my backpack to the ground. I pulled out the milk, water and her bottle. She is due food anyway. I shook up the bottle and jogged over to Carl.

"You can do it if you want." He didn't look me in the eyes. I nodded immediatly and took Judith from his arms. She quieted down instantly and took the bottle easily. I smiled, handed her back to Carl and picked up my rucksack.

What was his problem anyway?

The journey was long, boring and not much was said. I spent the whole time with my gaze fixated on the road ahead of me, wondering what the hell I was getting myself into.

"Hey what's that?" I questioned, squinting to see past the blinding sun.

Ahead at the road, was a crashed car. Some walkers and bodies. The decayed walker was eating at a dead man, playing with his intestines.

"That's sick." I frowned and stabbed the Walker in the head. I always felt as if I was putting the monsters out of their misery, freeing the person that was trapped inside of them. Rick, Glenn and Carl took out the others while I searched the car.

"Nothing in the front." I called, pulling pages and books out of the glove compartement of the car. I scrambelled from the rusty old car and popped the trunk. Three machine guns a bag of ammo, also, a full tank of gas.

"Jackpot! Rick help me get these." I pulled the guns from the trunk and dropped them down infront of the group.

"These are perfect." Glenn smiled and picked up a bright red assault rifle. I grabbed the sky blue assault rifle with a chuckle and slung it over my shoulders. I can work on my aim later.

"There is gas in there, so we can drive the rest of the way."

Rick filled up the car and I took a seat in the back next to Carl and Judith. He seemed like a nice kid, he's just probably been through some tough shit.

Haven't we all.

The car set off and I lay back in my chair, taking in everything that has happened in the last day or two. Scratch that, the last few months. The most torturous months of my life.

"How long have you been alone?" Carl asked, still not making immediate eye contact.I sat up in my chair and turned to face him.

"I don't really know. It's counting in months anyway."

Carl looked at me inquisitively, cocking his head to the side as his eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.
"How did you survive?"

"I can work any weapon pretty well. I've stayed out of bad situations and stuck to the forests."

"I've been with my family through all this. My mom died giving birth to Judith.. you would have found that out sooner or later."

I nodded and sat back. I figured that he had lost someone close to him, he was to tired looking to have not.

"You didn't pity me." Carl's eyes stared back at me, confused. A small smile graced my face and I turned to look out the window of the moving car.

"I'm guessing you have had enough of that to last a lifetime."

Carl smiled and it made me happy. I can still make someone happy. Even during the Apocalypse.

If only you could smile that.

Judith gurgled and I chuckled before patting her on the head, making her gurgle again in joy.

"She is a beautiful girl." I smiled, but it didn't reach my eyes. It never did.

"Yeah, Daryl nicknamed her 'Little Ass Kicker." Carl laughed freely, finally turning to look me in the eyes.

"Sounds like something Daryl would do." I said it before my brain could comprehend and I frowned.

It's not him, don't be stupid.

"I'm sure it's the same Daryl, Lauren."

I didn't answer and stared off into the distance. The car slowed and Rick turned to face Carl and I.

"It's just up here, I hope the others are there."

Soon after the car pulled up outside the gates of a Walker infested prison. There had to be about twenty outside, likely more inside but that number was okay to handle. I hopped out of the car and surveyed the prison. It was the perfect place to live, baracaded, safe and there had to be food in the cafeteria.

I heard some shouting and a group of people were running towards us. A young woman hurtled herself into Glenn's arms. Everyone was hugging and cheering and I felt a little out.

"Who's this?" The young woman asked Glenn. Looking at me strangely, as if sizing me up as a target. I immediately got the feeling that she didn't trust me.

Glenn was cut off by a familiar voice.


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