Chapter 4

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It was about midday by now. Judith was starting to get restless but she continued to stay quiet anyway. Rick was getting tired of Carl constantly going too far ahead and Glenn was trying to get Rick to give him some time. I was pretty sure Carl's face was going to get stuck with that permanent scowl.

"Carl please slow down." Rick yelled, tugging on the ends of his unruly hair.

Carl stopped abruptly and turned to face Rick with a look of pure hatred.
"You don't have the right to tell me what to do, you couldn't take care of your own daughter. You left her to die, you don't deserve children."

Carl was yelling too loud and that was proven when a horde of about twenty Walkers pushed out from the opposite side of the road. Rick cursed and began to shoot them with deadly accuracy. I pulled my handgun from it's holster and prepared to fight. Carl was accurate too, but the group were soon going to become overrun.

Carl backed up but a few Walkers came from the other side, he managed to kill a few before he tripped over a rock. The Walker was advancing on him and he tried to shoot but his gun was out of ammo. I mentally battled with myself on what I should do.

Carl backed up frantically. I cursed. I couldn't just let him die. He's Judith's family. I hopped out from where I was hiding. I aimed the gun and shot, the Walker slumped to the ground and Carl pushed him off.

He's alive.

I took out my machete and began to help Rick and Glenn with the others. I got some weird looks, but I continued to kill the Walkers until they all lay dead on the road. Judith was unharmed from the melee combat, her head securely tucked in the sling. I breathed out a ragged breath and turned to face the group.

"Who are y-" Rick started, holding his pistol to my head, before Judith gurgled. Rick abruptly stepped forward but I stood back and pointed my gun at his head instead.

"Don't come any closer and let me talk." I ordered, taking aim at each of the people infront of me. Rick nodded, same with Glenn. Carl just gaped at me with a look of disbelief.

"I have Judith here. I was in the gas station when you left. You basically locked me in there with a bunch of Walkers. I've been in worse situations than that so I survived and found Judith in the cupboard. I have food and supplies for her." I took a deep breath and continued.

"I've been following you all day, I wanted to make sure it was safe before I gave you the baby. She is perfectly fine."

The group stared at me in shock. I dropped my rucksack and unstrapped Judith from me. I showed them all the baby and Rick fell to his knees in relief. I turned to Carl and I couldn't decipher his stare. I offered Carl the baby girl and he took her into his arms almost like he didn't think she was real.

I slung my rucksack over my shoulders and turned to walk away down the dusty road. If I set of now I could find somewhere safe by sun down.

"Where are you going? Join our group.. we have others." Rick pleaded, he obviously believed he owed me something. I guess he did, but I don't do 'groups.'

"I've never had a group. I've always been alone. People complicate things." I repeated the words that I believed since I lost my best friend.

"Just come with us to the prison, if you don't like it there, you can leave." Glenn reasoned and I sighed. If they have some food and supplies then I can get on my feet and leave.

"We have to ask you some questions." Rick announced and I nodded reluctantly.

I just saved your daughter, don't I get a free pass?

"How many Walkers have you killed?" Rick mumbelled, his eyes willing me to answer. I thought for a few seconds but it wasn't like I was going to come up with a number any time soon.
"I don't know. I lost count."

Rick nodded and shared a look with Glenn who nodded with a small smile. Carl stared at me like I was a jigsaw puzzle he needed to piece together.

"How many people have you killed?"

I was expecting this question sooner or later. I know the exact number. I came to terms with what I had done weeks ago, it was me or them.

"Five," I sighed. "Three were trying to kill me and my friend, two were bitten. That good enough?"

My words were filled with venom. I hated being questioned, either I was good enough or I wasn't.

Rick nodded again and shared yet another look with Glenn.
"I thought you said you were alone."

"Some things are better left unsaid. I don't want to remember my past." I gritted my teeth and played with the handgun in my hand.

Don't remember the pain,
Don't remember the loss,

"So are you going go come with us?" Glenn asked, his clothes were splattered with sickly red blood and his face was scraped and covered in dirt, but his tone only showed me friendliness.

What's the worst that could happen? I mean, I haven't really had any human contact in a few months and it might be nice to be protected. They have others. Safety in numbers. I could always leave later.

"Yeah, sure." I sighed and ran a hand through my ponytail.

Glenn smiled.
"Then let's get going."

Carl watched me while he held Judith. He was a strange boy. Obviously he was happy he had Judith back but he didn't show much emotion. Pretty common in this world, I guess. I wonder what made him so bitter.

"Are you going to say something? Or just stare?" I hissed at Carl, his gaze was unnerving. I prided myself on my ability to not falter but I felt the heat of his gaze break me momentarily.

Carl narrowed his electric blue eyes like he was trying to figure me out.
"Thank you for saving Judith."

I nodded and bit my lip. I guess that's as good as I'm going to get out of that boy. I sighed and began walking down the dusty old road.

I saved you too.

Judith was happy in her brothers arms and I was happy I was maybe going to find somewhere to call home.

Trust dosen't exist anymore.

Chapter 4! So Carl is a moody little fecker XD

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