- Forever Alone -

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Authors Note : I apologise for what you are about to read. It will get better (I hope) Thanks for reading and please vote! :)

Most of this book is unedited and I know that not-so-greatly written chapters are frustrating but it took awhile for me to find my comfort zone in writing and now I'm happy, just bear with the lesser part of this book and I guarantee you wont be too disappointed, hopefully.

I will eventually start majorly editing, I did edit a lot of the chapters that made me epically cringe and the starting bunch!

If you enjoy this book, drop in a vote or a comment! I love reading comments and your reactions on the MANY drama's that occur in this book and especially the sequel.

Once again, thank you for reading and I appreciate every one of you guys! I love you all!!!!!!!

Lauren was never fearful of anything, she had the ability to mask her panic with a stone cold expression and a smirk. Some would even say that she's merciless, detached from everyone else. She never needed a saviour and she prided herself on that.

Lauren was alone for months, she lost her bestfriend what felt like years ago, but it was only months. She was able to hide, sticking to the forests of Atlanta, Georgia. She had her machete and that's all she needed. Well, that's what she thought.

You'd be surprised what people hide in their closets.

In this broken world, everyone has a hidden motive. Nobody is trustworthy, Lauren learned that early on, and it saved her life numourous times. She never needed anyone, people complicate things.

But Lauren's bravery and selflessness dosen't come without attracting attention from the many people in the wasteland of the world looking for what she has.

In the end, her fearlessness might be the very thing that destroys her.

This is like an intro sort of thing, I'm not sticking to the TWD storyline but I'll do my best to make it exciting!

Thanks for reading ;) !


Just before we begin I'd like to say I am not following the story line. Many people have pointed out characters and settings that should not be there till future seasons and so on but to be clear, I am not following the storyline! I made it all up as I went on and after the first book all of the settings are of my creation.

The Forever Trilogy is completed as of 16th March 2018 and I can promise you, if you bare with the bad writing in the first book you will enjoy it!

Lots of love,


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