Chapter 39

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The Walker began to bite the open air, getting closer to me as I fumbled with the machete strapped to my waist. How the hell did it get in? Adam didn't leave the gate open.. did he? I stood back from the undead, finally grabbing the machete from my trousers. With one quick slash the Walker fell to it's knees before landing face-first on the grass.

I exhaled deeply and sprinted through Mortis, to the gate that was unguarded due to the bonfire that was supposed to go ahead today. I groaned loudly when I caught sight of the slightly open gate into Mortis, just enough to fit a Walker in. I abruptly shut it with a kick of my leg before sliding the metal lock to a close.

Small plumes of smoke filled the dark sky from where the bonfire was being held. Everyone there was likely unarmed and unaware of their danger. I blocked out all of the other thoughts that were crippling my sanity and focused on the task ahead. The eradication of all Walkers that had crept into this perfect society. I clutched the machete to my stomach, not having even a light to brighten up the darkness. That was a rule in Mortis, all lights gone after dark.

Hopefully, only a couple had got into the town. I jogged out onto the street, having perfect view down along the rows of houses. I couldn't see any Walkers in view, but I was sure there had to be at least one more. The commotion of the bonfire would have attracted the Walkers anyway.

The light grew stronger and I could make out the sillhuette of two Walkers less than two hundred meters from the bonfire, ready to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting townsfolk. I held my machete in a fighting stance and charged at the first Walker, stabbing him in the head, which resulted in the spray of dark red blood across my face and tank top.

The other Walker, decayed and missing a few limbs, stumbled forward to me, his jaw hanging sideways, clenching together as it prepared to sink it's teeth into my skin. I grunted and recoiled my right arm. The machete glistened with dripping red blood as I brought it in a deadly half-circle digging my blade into the side of the Walkers neck. The force I used was more than I ever thought I was able to achieve, all the anger, doubt, released in one fatal swing. The Walker's decapitated head rolled from it's limp body to right infront of my feet.

I looked at the decayed excuse for a head and picked it up by the remaining scruff of it's head. I grimaced at the sudden stench of death, but composed myself and walked to where the bonfire was being held.

They all laughed happily, chugging down drinks and exchanging pleasantries. My group was there, slightly broken away from the rest of the group. But they still needed help, they needed to see the world for what it is, not what it was. I wiped my hand across my cheek, feeling the sticky red substance smear across my pale skin. Carl was there, looking depressed as he gazed ominously into the bright fire, Rick tried to offer him some food, that he quickly declined. Daryl and Kirsty sat close together, enjoying the innocence that was a normal bonfire. Jo sat beside Maryse, looking nothing but bored. Joan was detached from the others, watching over her town with a smile.

That's when I walked in. Heads turned to look at me. Both looks of surprise and disgust. I chucked the head of the dead Walker into their midst, someone screamed, others backed off, staring at it as if it would bite them. Joan stepped forward, taking one glance at the head and gluing her eyes to my bloody figure.

"What are you doing?" She demanded, almost sounding like a scolding mother. I chuckled darkly.

"I just saved your lives. That," I pointed to the Walker head perched at the edge of the bonfire. "Was in your town. Do you want to know how?"

Joan gave me a look as if to say continue.
"Your dear Adam left the gate open when he ran out to find and kill me. But don't worry yourselves, he's fine. Out there somewhere." I flicked my wrist to indicate outside the walls of Mortis.

"You were so close to being killed," I continued, feeling the heat of Alyssa's gaze burn my eyes.
"All because you relied too deeply in the safety of your walls. But look at me now, by chance I stumbled upon the Walkers in your dear town."

Mumbles echoed through the crowd. Carl watched me with an unreadable expression.
"You are going to die if you don't fix your ways. The world is broken, it is cruel and it will kill you. You can't forget what it is because you feel you live in safety. You see the world for what is was, not what it is. And because of that, you will all die. So enjoy living in stupidity until the day comes when you will see the people you love ripped apart infront of your eyes, and you can do absolutely nothing."

With that I turned my back to the speechless crowd. I could hear Carol calling for me, but I ignored her. I bee-lined straight for my 'house.' Once inside, I grabbed a washcloth and a new set of clothes before making my way into the bathroom.

I stared at my reflection, almost not recognising the girl infront of me. I soaked the cloth in water and removed the layer of blood that covered my face and neck. The girl in the reflection had dull blue eyes, darkened by the world. Her cheeks were sunken, but not as bad as before. Her skin was pale and tired looking. The bags under her eyes added to that. She looked nothing but broken.

I looked broken.

When I finally got myself clean and dressed, I walked into my bedroom. I could hear hushed voices in the distance, sounding like Carol and Rick. I ignored them, like I ignored everything else and collapsed on my floral covered bed.

It wasn't long before I heard a soft knock on my window.


I should probably be stu-DYING

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