Chapter 1

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The Georgia sun was beating down on me. I pulled my knees to my chest and balanced myself on the branch of an old oak tree. My machete hung off the belt loop of my tattered and bloody light denim skinny jeans.

My blue tank top was caked in blood and my grey hoodie hung off my shoulders. The sun shone through the cracks inbetween the canopy of leaves that covered the forest.

The decayed Walker - a nickname I adopted from a man I heard talking once - trampled over the twigs and summer leaves of the forest, gurgling and growling as walked through the grass. A pet hate I've always had is the sound of teeth hitting off eachother, like when you bite into nothing and that irritating sound rings out.

Walkers did that.

It was almost what I hated most about them. Obvoiusly putting aside the eating people bit. I've seen it, and the worst thing is you can do absolutely nothing to help them, and they are still alive through it all.

The Walker passed and I hopped down from the branch, glancing around. My denim rucksack only consisted of a flashlight, a half bottle of water and a can of old beans, which means it's time to raid some place.

I sighed, I didn't mind killing Walkers. I actually quite enjoyed it. I felt as if I was freeing the person trapped in the creature that was controlling their body. The worst thing that could happen would be coming across a horde or a group of people. Everyone is bad in this world, out to take your belongings and put a bullet in your brain.

I slung the rucksack over my shoulder and set off through the forest. I tend to stay away from roads but keep close enough so I know where I'm going. A tactic I learned early on, open spaces are dangerous.

After about a mile or so, I approached an old gas station, devoid of all Walkers surrounding it or even people. I silently wished that there was something worthwile inside it. I jogged over to the brick wall, taking the back way to be safe.

The cracked grey door stood directly infront of me, rusted from years of neglect. I pulled it open and slipped inside. I hit my machete off the wall to attract any Walkers around. Thankfully, none immediatly caught my attention.

I seemed to be inside an old hallway, the mildew on the walls giving the place a damp smell. It was almost pitch black so I pulled my flashlight from the rucksack on my back and shone it down the dank corridor.

I listened around, my ears catching a sound I was sure I misheard. Crying. Was there a dying man? A girl? Or a baby? I didn't think anyone could bring a child into this world but maybe I was mistaken.

The crying was then muffled by a loud gunshot and frantic shouting and banging. I gripped my machete in the palm of my hand and followed the noise. My heart thumped against ribcage and I let out a shaky breath.

I wasn't alone here.

I pushed open another door and stepped into the shop part of the gas station. I hid in beside a row of rotton vegetables. I could make out the Walkers probably about ten. I sucked in a breath and moved down the isle. Frantic calls and the scraping of feet on lino filled my ears.

Another gunshot echoed through the room, not ten or twenty meters from where I was crouched behind the shelves.

"Rick, we need to get out of here!" Someone yelled, a man, his voice was low and scared.

I could make out three figures at the other side of the gas station. An asian man, and bearded man with slightly curly hair and a boy, not more than fifteen or sixteen. Would they kill me if they found me? How will I get out? I was about to leave and save my skin but my curiosity got the best of me.

Where was the crying from?

"I need to get Judith!" The second man yelled. He frantically pulled at the trigger of his gun, trying to kill as many of the undead as he could.

"Rick, we can't get to her!" The asian man held Rick back, dragging him towards the door. The Walkers were closing in on them, it was pretty obvious they weren't going to make it if they didn't move. Why did they even bring the child into the gas station? My heart began to pound and I attempted to regulate my breathing.

Calm down, Lauren. You have got out of worse situations than this.

The men left the gas station and the Walkers began absently walking into the door, growling and spitting. I cursed and gripped the machete hard betweem my fingers.

Then the crying began again.

The Walkers took their attention away from the door and to the source of the noise. I slid around the corner of the isle and followed the Walkers, making as little noise as I could.

Who leaves a baby in a gas station?

I couldn't let it die. I hopped out from the isle and began to yell at the Walkers. My eyes widened when they all turned. I searched for some means to hold them back, my eyes landed on a rusty old trolly and I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

I pulled a trolley from the corner and pushed against the oncoming Walkers. I began to take them out one by one with my machete. It wasn't easy but it wasn't impossible. It was easier to do when I knew it wasn't just my life at stake. I had blood all over myself, my hands were stained red but I didn't give it a second thought.

When the final Walker fell, I ran towards the source of the crying. A Walker was pulling at the cupboard where I supposed the noise was coming from. I quickly stabbed it in the head and pulled my machete, wiping the blood on my jeans. I kicked the body away and dropped to my knees infront of the cupboard.

Inside the cupboard was a baby girl, wrapped in a dirty cloth. I pulled her from the cupboard, mumbelling to calm her down. They must have put her in there to keep her safe while they searched. Why didn't they just leave her outside with one of the other people?

"Hey baby, it's okay." I cooed.

I haven't seen a person in months, let alone a baby. I can hardly take care of myself, not have someone else's life in my hands. But for whatever reason, I was handed a baby. The universe was laughing in my face, I can hardly take care of my goddamn self.

I sprinted as best I could to the door, kicking away the dead Walkers and stepping out into the Georgia sun. There was some dead Walkers outside, but no people. I snapped my head up only to see the back end of a car dissapear down the road and away from their baby.

I cursed and ran a hand through my dirty hair with a heavy sigh.
"I guess I'm gonna take care of you, Judith."

I walked back inside and baracaded the doors behind me.

Chapter 1 everybody!!!! Hah now she has to take care of a baby! Goooo Lauren!

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