Chapter 43

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I watched the guards of Mortis hold all of my group in place by their guns. Maggie, Glenn, Sasha, Rick, Daryl, Carol, Michonne, Tyreese, Carl and Judith. All kneeling on the ground, some injured and bloody. The guards, Adam included held their guns high, aimed at their heads. Judith was held by one of the older women of Mortis.

I was beginning to hyperventilate. How could I save them? I stared at the slumped figures, mentally screaming at my brain to think of something to do. Kirsty emerged from one of the houses, her blood red hair flowing with the wind. She was screaming at the guards, standing her ground infront of Daryl. One of the guards aimed his gun at her and she visibly tensed, he pushed her back and she landed on the ground harshly. They were in the midst of a verbal debate and it looked like Kirsty had made the choice to stand with Daryl.

Some guards ran into the area and moved their arms around as if they were trying to explain something. That sent a chain reaction of people throwing their hands to cover their mouths. Adam threw his gun and gripped the ends of his hair in frustration. I guess they found out about Joan. Jo ran from his house directly to the scene, scanning the crowd for someone that I assumed was me. Adam barked some more orders and a group of three guards left down the side of one of the houses.

Do something.

What could I do? Just run out and try and stop them? That would end up in a lot of bloodshed, and my life gone. This place is locked up so tight no Walkers could distract them, the gates are closed.


If the guards haden't been taking down the Walkers there could be a dozen outside the gates. If I let them in then I have a chance to distract the guards. I drew in a deep breath and took one final look at Carl's slumped figure before sneaking down the stairs.

I was practically glued to the walls, watching my every step with as much caution as possible. The town was dead silent and a gentle breeze blew the strands of hair from my face.

"Adam wants her alive, he wants to make her watch them die before killing her." A deep voice grumbled, it wasn't more than a dozen meters away.

"She had some balls to kill Joan. I wouldn't have thought she had it in her." Another voice mumbelled, closer this time.

"She's probably in one of the houses, I'll check this one first. You take that one. Hold your gun up, man. This one's a viper."

I would have laughed at his statement if I weren't about to risk my life. I listened and when the footsteps ceased and the door to the nearest house slammed shut, I ran. The gate was firmly closed but it only took a gentle tug for that to change. I sighed in relief when the metal lock slid open without a problem. I jumped back when a Walkers arm shot through the small gap and nearly grazed my skin. With one final pull, I widened the gates and sprinted as fast as I could behind the rows of houses.

More and more Walkers piled in, searching for any noises to follow. Moments later gunshots echoed from the other side of the house and the guards around there yelled and screamed. I hoped that the diversion would give me enough time to cross the road without being seen.

If I could have one day without nearly dying it would be great.

It wasn't hard to move along all the houses with the distraction caused by the guards at the other side. I didn't enjoy killing people, but I have lives in my hands, people will die if I don't do anything. I peered around the corner of yet another white house and watched as the guards were forced into a panic, shots were fired at the oncoming Walkers and the people of Mortis fled into their houses without an idea of how to defend themselves.

"She opened the gates," Someone yelled. "They're coming! What do we do?"

"Gun them down. Find her and bring her to me. She will watch them die," Adams venomous voice rang out. "Quickly!"

What now?

I looked down to the machete in my hand and the gun on my hip. Would that be enough? When I lifted my gaze back to the group Carl's panicked eyes were fixated on me. His expression willed me to turn around and save myself but he and I both knew, I don't do that. If I die, it won't be in vain.

Walkers stumbled through the gaps in between the houses and they were beginning to outnumber the amount of guards with their heavy machine guns that would surely run out of ammunition soon. Adam looked furious as he let out some of his fury on the oncoming Walkers.

"Push forward!" Adam ordered and moved a group of guards up. "Jamie, stay back and guard these. If you see her don't hesitiate to kill her, unless you can take her alive."

When Adam and his guards disappeared I gulped in a deep breath and took my gun between my shaky hands. Jamie held his machine gun tightly, flicking his gaze into every possible entrance. He looked worried, and I didn't blame him.

It's for the group, you have to do it.

With one swift movement I was out of my hiding spot with my gun aimed at the unsuspecting guard. His back was turned to me and I looked away before I released a deadly bullet. I heard the thump of a body falling to the ground and I brought my gaze back to the people tied up before me.

I exhaled and dropped to my knees infront of the closest person to me, which was Rick. I cut his bindings and he rubbed his red welted wrists.
"Where are your weapons?"

Rick took out his combat knife and began to cut Daryl's bindings.

"They took them into that shed," He gestured over to the small wooden shack that stood at the side of the last white house in the row. "Everything is in there."

I nodded. Daryl cut Kirsty's bindings and then Carl's, Maggie's and Glenn's.
"We have to move, there is no way in hell that they didn't hear that shot."

"You take Carl, Daryl and Kirsty," Rick ordered, watching the group stand to their feet. "I need to get Judith, I'll lead the others to safety. We'll find you, get as far away from here as you can. Take care of my son. Please."

I smiled softly and nodded to the pleading man infront of me. Daryl had already grabbed the bags of weapons and thrown them around. Rick grabbed the remainder of the group and moved them away from plain sight.

"What do we have to do?" Kirsty asked, pushing her blood red hair from her face.

"We need to get the hell out of here," I mumbelled and looked down at the gun in Kirsty's hands. "You know how to use that don't you?"

Kirsty smiled and nodded.
"I'm not that bad."

Daryl let out a small laugh and slotted an arrow into his crossbow. My heart was beating fast and the adrenaline pumped through my veins.
"Daryl, can you go along the fence with Kirsty. I'll take Carl along the back of the houses. It's better having us both sides if we get cornered."

Daryl nodded and pulled Kirsty behind the rows of trees and bushes that ran infront of the fence surrounding the town. Carl waved me over to the houses. I could see Daryl's crouched figure not a dozen feet from me.

"Where do we go?" Carl asked and I frowned. Will we even get out of this place?

"Just run along the houses, if we can get to the gate or even a safe enough place to climb the fences."

Carl nodded and moved up the side of the house while I walked down the back. Gunshots echoed through the town and each one was making me more and more uneasy.

I walked cautiously and visibly tensed when the ever so farmiliar feeling of a cold gun pressed against the back of my skull.

"Say goodbye."


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