Chapter 15

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The pistol was aimed and the Governor laughed.

"Do it and we kill you." Daryl hissed, pointing the crossbow directly at the Governors head.

I gave Daryl a look and he knew what I needed him to do.
"What do you get from this?"

"Self satisfaction." Governor spat and glanced through the group.

I reached into my boot and clasped the knife tucked round my ankle. Daryl and Rick continued to talk to the Governor, but I knew he wasn't stupid. So I didn't have much time.

I abruptly rolled from the pistols aim and hopped to my feet, sparing no time in burying the dagger into the Governor's neck. Rick took down two of his men, Daryl did the same.

I fell to the ground, lower than the line of fire, holding my hands over my head.

The gunshots died down and I pulled myself to my feet. That's when the Walkers made their way through the gates, more than fifty.. there had to be at least a hundred.

"Everyone get out of here! Grab something and leave!" Rick screamed and continued to take down Walkers. We were swamped.

I shot to my right and got knocked down to the ground, an old fat Walker was lying on me, it's teeth inching closer and closer to my neck.

Blood splattered from it's head and I was pulled to my feet by Carl. He had my rucksack and Judith was slung around his shoulders.

"Let's find the others." I panted and took my rucksack from Carl.

I grabbed my machete, clutching it so tight my knuckles were turning white. The Walkers were following the gunshots coming from the group now on the other side of the prison.

I heard a yell and turned to see Hershel fall down the small steps with a Walker hovering over him. Before I could react, the monster had locked it's jaw on Hershel's shoulder and he screamed before the Walker finally tore his throat out.

"C-Carl.. We need to leave..." I choked out and began sprinting in the opposite direction.

An explosion ended the gunshots coming from whatever was left of the group. My eyes began to water but I pushed the feelings away. Now isn't the time.

We came to the fence of the prison which Carl abruptly cut with his combat knife. I pushed myself through the small wire circle and into the forest.

Once we were far enough away I dropped to my knees with my head in my hands, still stained with Andrea's blood.

"C-Carl.. What do we do?" I sobbed.

Silent tears ran down Carl's cheeks, he lost another of his parents.. and now he didn't have any more to lose.

"We need to find somewhere to stay for the night." Carl sucked in a deep breath and composed himself.

"Did you take Judith's food?" I asked, wiping my eyes and Carl nodded quickly.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet. I sighed and set off in search of shelter.

It was late evening by the time we found an old cottage. The sky was purple and Judith was becoming restless. I gestured for Carl to wait and I pushed open the old wooden door.

The place was quiet and I couldn't hear any signs of Walkers. I pulled the flashlight from my rucksack and searched through the cottage. The place seemed okay to stay for the night, we arn't going to live here.. we need to find the others.

"It's clear, Carl." I called after searching every last room in the cottage.

Carl stumbeled in with Judith in his arms and opened all the curtains, letting the light flood the room.

"There is a cot in the bedroom." I commented glancing into the master bedroom. The room was quaint, the curtains and bedsheets' floral patterns faided from the years of neglect.

I walked back into the kitchen where Carl was feeding Judith her milk. I set my eyes on the cabinets and flung them open, searching for food.

Thankfully, there was a few cans of old soup and beans that could keep us going for a week or so. The utility supplied me with about a dozen litres of unopened water.

I dumped the findings on the kitchen table and a small smile crept on Carl's face.

"This should do us for awhile." I smiled.

Carl nodded and Judith let out a tired yawn.

"We should get to sleep, long day tomorrow." I sighed.

Carl carried Judith into the bedroom and set her down in the small wooden cot. Meanwhile, I kicked off my boots and stretched myself out on the bed, staring at the mildew covered ceiling.

Carl lay down beside me and we let the silence continue, not an awkward silence.. It was comfortable.

"What do we do now, Carl." I whispered, my voice cracking.

"I don't know."

The words were so simple, yet they meant so much.

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