Chapter 3

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I carefully set Judith down in the safest corner of the small two room cabin. I started a small fire in the fireplace with the lighter I swiped from the gas station.

Find them, make sure it's safe for the baby and leave.

I made Judith another bottle of milk. I'm really not sure how much to feed babies but Judith is so good. She hardly ever cries. I gathered that it was because of her lifestyle, she likely didn't get much attention or coddling. That was understandable, I guess.

I fed Judith the milk and made myself a can of beans, I almost haden't realised that I didn't eat yet. I've been so focused on keeping Judith alive. I didn't usually eat much anyway, food was always a rarety.

I stomped out the fire after I used it, all I needed now was some people finding Judith and I . I couldn't risk burning this cabin down because knowing my luck that would probably happen. Judith settled down for another night and I did the same.

For once I actually have a goal to acomplish.


I woke abruptly to the sound of gunshots. I was so used to silence now that it didn't take much to wake me. Judith was still asleep but I reluctantly woke her and strapped her in her carrier. I slung my rucksack over my shoulder and left the cabin.

The forest wasn't infested with Walkers maybe one or two here and there not too much to handle. The majority of Walkers resided beside buildings that would have had a high population or walking aimlessly along the roads.

The sky was still dark but not by too much, maybe four am at most. A few more gunshots went off and I followed the noise as best I could, keeping in the shelter of the trees incase it wasn't the right people. I neared the road and I could just about make out the shouting voices.

"I can't believe we ran out of gas!" The voice sounded like the man's from the gas station. I peered around the tree stump, trying to get a good view.

"I can't believe you left Judith! I can't believe you left her to die! You could have tried! You didn't care about her!" This voice I hadn't heard before.

A boy, maybe my age stood pointing at the man, Rick, yelling profanities. Rick held his head in his hands shaking and sobbing. I felt bad for keeping the child from them but would I really give her back after they were so stupid?

"It's all my fault." He cried.

The boy turned to the other man.
"Where do we go, Glenn?"

The boy asked the words nicely but his tone was laced with anger and pain. I assumed he was her brother, probably the only person that gave her any attention.

"I dunno, Carl. We need to find the others. We were talking about a prison, they may have gone there."

The boy, Carl, grumbeled something incoherent before he left ahead and stormed off down the road. Glenn attempted to comfort Rick and get him to move but the man was reluctant to do so.

I decided to follow them, not just hand the baby over to them. They didn't take great care of her the first time. I know it was cruel but I needed to be sure. I kept behind the tree line and followed the group. Carl stayed infront with his sheriff's hat and pistol. He was obviouly mourning the death of who I assumed was his sister. I felt bad for keeping her from him, but then again if she decided to cry then they were going to find out pretty quickly.

Rick kept walking with his head held low and Glenn just looked tired. I wondered what their stories were. What they have been through so far. The sun had risen and the Georgia heat began to show. Judith gurgled pretty loudly making Carl stop dead in his tracks, shake his head and then continue walking.

I wondered where Judith's mother was. I guess if her son and husband are here then it's pretty obvious where she is. I kissed Judith's head, poor girl had been through so much already. I tried not to loudly snap any twigs, but I had a few near misses. Thankfully, the forest followed the road, making my job a lot easier.

I had my brown hair tied back into a messy ponytail, only a few strands escaped and tormented my nose. I ran my free hand through my hair and sighed quietly.

"Carl, wait up!" Glenn yelled.

Carl stopped for a few seconds and then continued walking, not bothering to look back. He was so heartbroken. There was a light breeze to the day, it was nice. Judith fell asleep, with her head tucked into my chest. She looked so peaceful. I couldn't say the same for her family but then again, she was lucky she had a family.

"Don't worry Judith. I'll make sure your taken care of." I whispered to the sleeping baby before looking back to her family.

Carl, Rick and Glenn continued to walk through the beating sun. Carl haden't even looked at Rick and Glenn seemed to be the reluctant mediator.

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