Chapter 29

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I shot awake covered in a cold sweat. Memories, so many memories. Like a movie was playing inside my head and I couldn't press pause. I should forget him, but I can't. When will I forget about him? At what stage will I just give up?

I twisted the golden ring on my finger and inhaled deeply, I'm going to find him someday. Maybe not today, maybe not next year, but someday.

Chelsie was asleep beside me, she must have just blacked out during her watch. I stretched out my arms and yawned. By the orange glow tinting the dark sky I could estimate it was just a couple of hours from dawn. I grabbed my machete and dropped it on my lap, just incase I needed it.

Then the tears began to flow.

It was one of them times.. I just needed to cry. I arced my back and just let the salty tears roll down my cheeks onto my lap. Chelsie, thankfully, haden't woke. I didn't need her getting worried. I cried for what felt like hours, over all the memories that flashed through my head, until dawn broke. I sniffed and shook Chelsie awake.

"We need to move," I mumbelled.
"We need food."

Chelsie yawned and grabbed her handgun, as I began to pack away our things into the small rucksack. I slung the bag over my shoulder and trudged down the dusty road with Chelsie by my side. We walked for hours in complete silence. I needed it, and she knew it.

"Lauren! Look over there!" Chelsie jumped around in glee. I followed her gaze and I breathed out a sigh of relief when I set my sights on the abandoned gas station that sat ahead.

Chelsie began to jog towards the gas station and I laughed, following the girl. She stopped outside the building, the windows were intact, which gave me the impression there could be food inside. She laughed and peered into the dust-covered door. It didn't look like there was many Walkers there.

I grabbed my machete and slowly pushed open the door. Chelsie had the flashlight in one hand, crossed beneath her other hand which held the gun. We both entered at the same time, we were used to this. We split and scout out the place.

I took right and grabbed my flashlight out of the rucksack that hung over my shoulder. I flashed the light along all the shelves, searching for food. I set my eyes on a few lone cans that sat on the shelf infront of me.
"I found some!" I yelled and threw the cans into my rucksack.

I turned when an ear-splitting scream echoed through the room.
"Chelsie!" I screamed, jogging through all of the isles in search of the girl. I sighed in relief when I found her bent over a dead Walker with the gun in her hand. She was breathing irratically and shaking.

"You okay?" I asked timidly.

"Yeah," Chelsie mumbelled.
"I'm fine."

I nodded.
"I found like four cans of peas, beans and stuff over there. Is there anything here?"

Chelsie seemed to be stuck in another world. I snapped my fingers and she came back to reality.
"Nah, nothing over here." She smiled.

I jogged around the gas station and did the once over on all the goods here. It was pretty clear that someone had cleared this place out long ago, but thankfully there was enough to keep us going for another week. Chelsie sat outside the gas station, her legs crossed.

"Are you sure you're okay?" I asked again and she nodded, waving me off.

"We should get going." I mumbelled and Chelsie nodded. It was about midday by the position of the sun.

I let myself get lost in my thoughts, like how easy and mundane my life was before all this. Never would I have thought I would be risking my life everyday, and carring a weapon. I always liked weapons, but I never got one. I found my machete in my neighbours closet, either he was a complete weirdo or a smart man, then again, he didn't survive long.

I knew one thing, I needed to find somewhere safe soon. I couldn't keep going like this for much longer. I'm too weak already, I need to fix myself before I can go through anymore hardships. There had to be somewhere safe Chelsie and I could lay low for a bit, some food would be helpful.

"Lauren." Chelsie murmured. I stopped and looked back at her, she was a lot paler than usual, her balance was off and she was swaying slightly.

"Chelsie?" I said just as she lost her balance completely and fell to the ground.

"Chelsie!" I cried out and ran towards her, she was breathing heavily, too heavily.

"Shit." She cursed.

"Chelsie? What's wrong?" I searched her eyes for something. Chelsie sighed deeply and looked straight at me.

"Lauren.. I'm bit."

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