PART TWO | Broken Promises: Chapter 27

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I shot up into a sitting position. My eyes were working faster then my mind but I knew, this wasn't right. I floral duvet covered my body. I threw my hand to my head and sure enough a large bump protruded from the back of my head.

Where am I?

I slid out of bed and threw on my boots that lay neatly placed at the end of the wooden bed. My machete sat up against the mildew-covered blue wall. Why would they leave the weapon with me? Maybe it's Carl, but I couldn't be sure. I grabbed my machete and held it against my chest. I held my back to the wall, glancing around the corner. Nothing.

A loud rifling sound echoed through the hallway, seemingly eminating from what could be the kitchen. I slowly tippy-toed down the hallway, never letting my guard down for a second. How long had I been here? It couldn't be more than a day or so. I need to get to the group. I couldn't have these delays.

I could hear an abrupt sigh come from down the hall and what sounded like the clinking of glasses. The sigh had definitely sounded feminine, and there was no more than one person in the house. I frowned. It couldn't be Carl, but I promised I'd find him, and I won't stop until I do.

I could escape this place, then I could find him, they can't be too far away. There is only so many places they could be.

I got closer to the source of the noise and peered around the corner. A girl, around my age had her back turned to me, leaning over the fireplace, her ginger hair tattered and dirty. My heart stung, I'm just dreaming. I gasped and dropped to the floor, sending my machete clattering across the ground.


The girl turned around quickly and it was most definitely Chelsie. For so long I was riddled with guilt. I always felt it was my fault, but it's not. She's alive. She's standing right infront of me.

"Lauren." She cried, dropping down beside me and wrapping her skinny arms around my torso.

"H-How?" I stuttered, tears falling from my eyes.

"Lauren, it's okay. I survived. It's okay." She soothed.

I inhaled deeply, wiping the salty tears from my eyes. I gazed up at Chelsie, the same girl from six months ago, the same girl I had mourned. She sat infront of me, her pale complection still the same. Her cheeks were sunken and she was a lot thinner than last time I saw her. The time had taken it's toll on us both.

I wrapped my arms around her torso and let my head fall onto her shoulder.
"I thought I lost you."

"It takes more than that to take me down." Chelsie laughed.

I finally got up off the ground and sniffed, wiping away the last of my tears. I grabbed my machete and tossed it onto the table. Chelsie had prepared a can of beans for us. She handed me a bowl and I downed them quickly.

"What happened after we got seperated?" She asked.

"I was alone for a few months, then I found a group, they brought me to a prison and we lived there.." I let my voice trail off, these words were bringing me back to Carl. I missed him, I needed him.

Chelsie nodded.
"Are they alive?"

"Yes, I need to find them. I need to find Carl. I was saving them from Terminus and we got split. You must have found me.. and killed that Walker.."

"Carl?" Chelsie raised an eyebrow as if to say 'trust you to get a boyfriend in all this.'

"H-He- I love him, Chelsie. He probably thinks I'm dead. I need to find him." I blurted, the salty tears returning to my eyes.

Chelsie frowned.
"We'll go in the morning."

I glanced out the dirt-stained window to see the sun setting. I sighed even though I was happy Chelsie was alive. I was ecstatic, but I couldn't show it without Carl by my side.

"Thanks," I smiled.
"We made a promise that we'd find eachother. We'd never leave the other or forget. I can't break that promise."

Carl's probably looking for me. Does he hate me for leaving him? He couldn't, could he? He knows I love him. That's what matters.

Chelsie locked her gaze on the small gold ring on my finger. I haden't even realised I was clutching it for dear life. It was dirty, but it still shone with beauty. I loved him for it.

Chelsie chuckled.
"We should get to bed, we can reminice in the morning."

I nodded and lifted my machete from the table. I followed down the hallway, back to that small room where I woke up in only a few hours ago. I chucked my boots into the corner of the room and climbed into the bed. Chelsie did the same to the twin bed only a few feet from mine.

"Together..." Chelsie mumbelled.

"...Forever." I finished.

What I didn't know, is I would end up with a scarred heart and broken promises.

Hehehe She's not dead yet! The next few chapters will be her search for Carl ( it takes A LOT longer than you think )

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