Chapter 25

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Aizawa: So you want to talk to your former Mother?

Jaune and Aizawa are in the Teacher's Lounge as he is discussing his proposal to at least bury the hatchet between his Mom and his sisters.

Midnight: What about your former father?

Jaune: He won't get any forgiveness from me. All I want is my Mom and my sisters. We're going to return to Remnant soon and I might as well get this over with.

Nezu: He's right you know.

As they look and see Nezu, All Might, Willow, Sunmer and Raven enter the Faculty room.

Summer: It's best if Jaune deals with his former family now, I have a feeling once we head to Remnant. They will be a nuisance to us or your asshole of a sperm donor tries to get Jaune back.

Aizawa: If does he is going to get another beatdown.

Willow: And I'm willing to join on that beatdown.

Raven: Count me in.

All Might: Same goes for me as well.

Jaune: (Sighs) Fine, Nezu make the call and tell Juniper it's only her and the rest of the Arc sisters.

As Nezu nods and brings out a Phone to contact Tsukauchi to bring the Arc Family to UA.

Jaune: Oh by the way Principal Nezu, what happened to that giant we took down?

Nezu: He and Kurogiri are in Tarturus. They are in heavy restraints and won't be getting out anytime soon.

Jaune: That's good, if I wasnt there Tsukauchi and the Police would've been injured.

All Might: Yes, good thing Tsukauchi suggested you join him.

Raven: You know you're really good kid, shame I didnt meet you at Remnant beforehand. You would've been a good apprentice.

Jaune: Thanks, but thanks to everyone here i got to where I was. Anyway, how's the training for our two Maidens?

Summer: It's going well, we expected them to have some trouble. But they're all turning out great.

Raven: I think it's the fact that they are both trying to compete on who's the stronger one to win Jaune's heart.

Jaune: Really again with this?

Midnight: Jaune they both like you. I think it's best you talk to them. I think that both of them can come to an agreement that they can share you.

Willow: I'm willing to help with that.

Aizawa: Really, knowing Midnight that speaks trouble but you Willow.

Willow: Well, let's just say I love to cause drama purely for me entertainment. After all, it's always fun to screw with people. A certain dusty old Crow taught me that back in the day.

Nezu: (Evil Laugh) This will be fun.

Jaune just sighs on the stress he will get when dealing with his two potential future lovers.

All Might: Anyway, I'm curious Nezu. When are we going to reveal that Raven and Willow are here. As well as Yaoyorozu and Intelli being the new Maidens.

Nezu: We are still discussing that, our best option is to reveal it before the School Festival.

Summer: Oh that's right, the School Festival is coming soon. Are we still pushing through with that plan?

Nezu: Yes, I spoke to all the Principals from the 4 Schools and we'll have our first ever Joint-School Festival.

Jaune: That's nice, let me guess. It's a way for all of us to bond before we leave for Remnant?

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