Chapter 2

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Jaune made it back to the Dorms and saw that no one is awake yet, he rushed towards the kitchen and prepared them Breakfast. He usually does this every morning, he is often joined by Iida or Sato but they seem to be still asleep. But he always love cooking for them and they look his cooking, even if Bakugo refuses to acknowledge it. Just then hears someone coming down the stairs, he sees Tokoyami.

Tokoyami: You're up early again.

Jaune: Eh, well you know. I like waking up in this time. The Sunrise is usually nice to watch.

Tokoyami: I see. I'll head over to the couch, just call me when breakfast is ready.

Jaune nods as he continued cooking as more of the students head downstairs, they all nod and wave at Jaune as they walk past him.

Midoriya: Oh good morning Jaune, I see you're doing your usual morning routine.

Jaune: Right you are Midoriya, here.

As Jaune hands Izuku his breakfast. He thanks him and heads to the table.

Jaune: 'Today's going to be a long day, I could just feel it'

UA: 1-A Classroom

Everyone reached the classrooms as they all get seated as Aizawa enters.

Aizawa: Alright everyone today, we will still continue creating more of your super moves, Jaune I want you to create copies of yourself for each of the Class to help train you. We want to test your Quirks with Jaune's Quirk, since we werent able to do it during the training camp.

Momo: Question Mr. Aizawa, why are we doing this now?

Aizawa: Because we know Jaune would use his Quirk to boost you up so you can all pass. So we decided to train and test how his Quirk works with all of yours. We already tested that out with Midoriya and was able to give him a boost on his power and prevented him from getting injured and for me it removed my dryeye. I want to see it from all of you. Now change to your outfits and let's head to Gym Gamma. Oh and Jaune try not to severely overdo it, the last time you did it, you passed out for nearly a day.

Gym Gamma

Everyone is in their Hero Costumes as Jaune stepped out with his upgraded Hero Costume.

Kaminari: Hey Jaune looks like you got some upgrades

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Kaminari: Hey Jaune looks like you got some upgrades.

Kirishima: Yeah, you look so manly right now.

Momo: And I see you're still retaining the Knight asthetic.

Jaune: Of course, what better to have your own Knight in shining armor. Plus I have more outfits where that came from.

Jiro: Why would you have more outfits?

Jaune: For versatility and to look cool.

Jiro: Of course you would say that.

Aizawa: Enough chatter, Jaune use your Quirk to duplicate yourself, everyone head to your spots. As for you Jaune you will be training with me and Ectoplasm.

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