Chapter 12

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Jaune is in Gym Gamma alongside his Class as they are doing Training exercises. Right now Jaune is sparring with Ojiro.

Jaune: Keep this up Ojiro, I want to see the durability of your tail. With the added armor to your costume, the damage should be enough to knock out heavy opponents.

Ojiro nods as he uses his Tail to hit Jaune as hard as he can. Jaune is using a shield that is very durable. His goal is to have Ojiro at least dent the shield further implying that his tail can now deal with stronger enemies.

He has done this method with Kirishima and Tetsutetsu as well. Jaune has been training both Class 1A and B on their Quirks and has proven to be very effective.

Then as Ojiro deliver a strong hit as Jaune got slightly pushed back, he looked towards his shield and saw there was a big dent.

Jaune: Good job Ojiro, looks like you did it.

Ojiro: Thanks Jaune.

Jaune: Alright, why don't you take a break for a while. I'll head over to Kirishima now.

Just then the doors open and everyone looks to see Principal Nezu, Aizawa, All Might, Summer, and a bunch of other people they do not recognise.

Jaune: Huh, I wonder what this is about?

Ojiro: Who are those people though?

Jaune doesn't answer as he wonders what Nezu has planned for them.

Nezu: Hello Class 1A, would all of you please head over here. Thank you.

As all of Class 1A stop what they are doing and head to where the Principal is.

Momo: Excuse me Principal, but who are these people?

Nezu: Well Yaoyorozu, these people are visitors....all the way from Remnant.

Uraraka: Remnant?

Midoriya: Remnant....wait. Are these people from the world Jaune came from?!

All of Class 1A was shocked about this, they know about Jaune and Summer being from Remnant. But now there are more people that came from Remnant.

Aizawa: Yes they are.

As he looks towards Ozpin.

Aizawa: You. Step forward and introduce yourself.

Ozpin: Hello, my name is Ozpin and I'm the Headmaster of Beacon Academy. The same Academy that Jaune used to be apart of.

It took a few minutes for them to register what Ozpin said then one of them spoke.

Todoroki: Wait so you're telling me that your the Headmaster of the Academy that trains students that prey upon the weak?

Ozpin: (Sighs) Yes...

Ashido: How could you let that happen?!

Momo: You're the Headmaster, you should've done something?!

Kirishima: That is not very manly at all!!

Iida: This is unacceptable Headmaster Ozpin, they should have been punished. How could you let them continue doing these vile acts?

Ozpin: I'm sorry but I tried my best to maintain order. But my Deputy Mistress or Former when we get back to Remnant, wanted all those people to continue doing vile acts.

Midoriya: Why? You're suppose to he the protectors of Humanity!

Oobleck: The generation of Huntsmen now are too arrogant and prideful these days. It's hard to find people like Jaune.

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