Chapter 37

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It's the next day and all the Hero Students were called to the assembly area in their building, when they all lined up they see all the UA Teachers in the stage.

Kaminari: So, any idea what's going on right now?

Sero: Beats me, all we know from what everyone is talking about is the mission in Mt.

Kirishima: Yeah and that mission was awesome, we took down two of the most wanted criminals in Vale!

Tetsutetsu: Yeah!!

Midoriya: Btw where is Jaune?

Uraraka: I think we have our answer.

Uraraka points towards the hallway area as they see Jaune in a wheelchair being pushed by Saiko while Momo and Kashiko are walking beside them; the three girls still have a huge grin on their face.

Kirishima: Hey, what happened to Jaune!?

Tetsutetsu: Yeah, why is he in a wheelchair?!

Sero: I think I have an idea.

Kaminari: Yeah, the smiles on those three girls says it all.

Mineta: Lucky bastard.

Then Jiro stabs Kamianri, Sero, and Mineta in the ears with her Quirk.

Jiro: That's enough you idiots.

Saiko pushes the wheelchair in the middle as Jiro walks towards Jaune.

Jiro: I thought you could heal, how are you in a wheelchair?

Jaune: I'm too exhausted and no way in hell I'm asking Recovery Girl to heal me. She's going to ask how this happened and I'm not telling her the reason.

Momo: At least you sacrificed your lower half to make us happy Jaune.

Saiko: Yup.

Kashiko: Let's hope Nikos doesn't hear about this or their will be trouble.

Momo: Don't remind me.

Everyone now looks as they see Nezu and Ozpin heading towards the mic as they begin their announcements.

Nezu: Hello everyone, it's me; the Principal. Ozpin and I have some very special announcements to make.

Ozpin: Indeed, as you all know the Vytal Festival is coming up and we all decided to allow a certain number of you to join the matches.

All the Students began to murmur amongst each other.

Nezu: We already have the list of students that will be participating in this fight.

Then all of a sudden Aizawa went into the mic.

Aizawa: And we expect you not to hold back, don't worry we'll make sure your opponents will not get hurt. So do whatever you want but to not go overboard and I mean it.

Ozpin: Oh, and I almost forgot, we have another special match after the Students. Ironwood would you do the honors?

Ironwood: Of course. The Ace Ops, a Team of elite Huntsmen in Atlas asked, specifically Harriet; requested someone among us to fight them.

Aizawa: And it's not the Students they wish to fight.

Bakugo: Well who is it?!

Ironwood: It was-it-it was-excuse me for a second.

Ironwood left the stage in a hurry and everyone can hear him laughing. He then composes himself and comes back to the stage.

Ironwood: Sorry about that, she requested that the Ace Ops fight All Might and to show him that his title means nothing and that he don't look so tough.

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