Chapter 11

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Jaune just stares at the scene, what are Ozpin and his old teachers and friends doing here?

Jaune: Okay, can someone please explain to me what the hell is going on?

Ozpin: Actually I will be the one to explain this now Jaune.

Jaune: Okay. Oh and it's Jaune Aizawa now. This scraggly looking guy.

As he points at Mr. Aizawa.

Jaune: Adopted me.

Present Mic: He may not look like it, but he really cares about Jaune.

Midnight: Yup.

Aizawa just rolls his eyes, but hides a smile under his scarf.

Ozpin: I see. Well here's the story.


???: Indeed Ozma.

The voice reveals himself as everyone was shocked when a unknown figure appeared out of nowhere, Winter was about to retaliate but Ironwood told her no.

Ozpin: Why are you here? What do you know about Jaune?

Tai: Hey Ozpin, do you know who this is?

Ozpin: Yes I do, everyone I want you to meet the God of Light.

Everyone was shocked the Brother Gods are real.

Oobleck: The Brother Gods! They're actually real!

GOL: Indeed we are.

As he look towards Ozpin.

GOL: Ozma, I understand you lost a good student here in Remnant. But I have some good news for you, he is alive and well. The bad news is, he is in another world.

Ironwood: What do you mean by another world?

GOL: It is as what I said, Jaune Arc has been transported to a world of Superheroes and Supervillains. Let me show you his journey.

As the God of Light began transporting them to a dimension where they can watch Jaune's memories. As they looked to his arrival in UA, where he met Principal Nezu and Aizawa.

Qrow: What the hell is that thing? Is that suppose to be a mouse?

GOL: That is the Principal of the UA High School, Nezu.

Tai: That mouse is the Principal?!

Ghira: I didn't expect to see an actual animal that can talk.

Then he showed them the days where Jaune trained his Semblance that had evolved into something more powerful due to the portal. They called his new Quirk, Aura Amplification. His Quirk has a wide range of abilities, they saw how he was able to upgrade and fix people's Quirks.

Ozpin: His Semblance is amazing.

Ironwood: Indeed it is, shame Glynda couldn't see it. The Boy is more powerful than ever before.

GOL: He's more powerful than the 4 Maidens.

Qrow: Wait you serious?! He can beat the Maiden's power?!

GOL: Yes he can.

Ruby: Maidens? Like the Fairy Tale?

Ozpin: All will be explained in due time Ms. Rose.

As the GOL continued showing them Jaune's memories from his Entrance Exam, where he got the top score and his first day of school where he met all of his friends. Then the events of the USJ.

Tai: Wow that bird Monster is tough.

Ghira: Yes, and I felt inspired by their motto. Go Beyond Plus Ultra.

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