Chapter 31

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Bakugo: This will be fun.

Todoroki: What do you want us to do to them Jaune?

Midoriya: Just looking at them, they think they can take us out easily.

Jaune: Show them the power of Quirks and show them how pathetic they are. These people.

As Jaune points at the Students of Beacon.

Jaune: Are underestimating us, Show them our true power and yes Bakugo, you can go all out.

Bakugo: Took the words right out of my mouth Jaune. Now let's have some fun.

As the 4 Heroes are now standing at the arena as Team CRDL came out to the arena armed with their gear.

Cardin: So Jauney Boy you came back Home with a bunch of freaks. I'll show them where they belong, in the dirt.

Todoroki: This guy is more cocky than Monoma.

As Ozpin got in the Center as he prepares to start the match.

Ozpin: Fighters ready?

As Bakugo and Midoriya get into a stance with Midoriya charging up One for All as Todoroki is ready to unleash his Quirk.

Ozpin: And begin!

In just a flash Midoriya and Bakugo were gone ina blink of an eye as Bakugo used his Quirk and delivers a huge explosion that sends Russel out of the arena and into the wall.

Bakugo: Howtzier Impact!

When he made contact with the wall it cracked and caused an explosion as Bakugo released alot of power from his Quirk. While Midoriya charged and used 5% of One for All

Midoriya: Delaware Smash!

As he hit Dove in the face as his entire face cracked and he got sent out of the arena and when he made contact in the wall. It caused a shockwave that shook the arena.

Then Todoroki stomped his foot on the ground as a huge chunk of Ice headed straight towards Sky as he got encased in Ice.

The Students of Beacon were shocked, these three Heroes easily took out Team CRDL. They wonder what these Heroes are capable of and a certain group is interested in them.

Cardin looks around and sees that his Team got massacred and he was the only one left. Jaune stares at him as he grins, he has things planned for him.

Jaune: You and me now Cardin.

As Jaune just stand there facing Cardin, he decided he didnt want to waste his Sword on Cardin and decided to go on another route. As he switches armor.

Jaune just smirks, it's time for a test

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Jaune just smirks, it's time for a test.


Jaune is in Nezu's Office as he has some important things to talk about that can't be allowed to be known by Ozpin....for now.

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