Chapter 18

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It's been a few minutes since Ozpin revealed everything there is to know about Remnant, their history, their secret war, the Grimm, Magic being real, and Salem being immortal. Everyone is discussing with each other on what they just learned.

Jaune one the other hand, he duplicated himself so he can talk to the other schools, the main Jaune is sitting with the Seiai students. Who are all asking him questions about his world. Saiko only revealed small details to her friends but not all.

Maroon Haired Girl: So Jaune this Aura, does it actually heal wounds?

Jaune: Yes it does, Aura can only heal small wounds, major ones such as limbs being cut cannot be healed from what I know.

Blonde Haird Student: So your Quirk is a more upgraded or evolved version of that?

Jaune: Yes, yes it is.

Saiko: There is a good chance that Jaune could give us Aura, but that hasnt been tested out yet. We still have to ask Princpal Nezu or Ozpin about that.

Pink Hair Student: Do you think we have a chance against the Grimm?

Jaune: With what we have now, Yes. Plus there are many heroes around the world and the military. We have a chance against Salem.

Saiko: Jaune informed me about the plan and trust me on this, we have a chance of winning.

With the Shiketsu Students

Inasa: That was awesome Jaune! You sure showed them!

Mora: Indeed Jaune, your skills are exceptional. A shame you couldn't join Shiketsu, you would've been a great student.

Shishikura: And a good leader. Your actions during the exam were one of the best leadership skills I have ever seen.

Inasa: It's true, his Headmaster says his tactical mind is one of the best he has ever seen!

Shishikura: And your Quirk or Semblance as you call it is rare right?

Jaune: Yes it is, according to Ozpin only a few people have Semblances like mine.

Mora: Interesting, from what I've observed your Huntsmen and Huntresses need more training.

Jaune: Indeed they do, hopefully when they get back. They'll fix their teaching methods and bring out better Huntsmen.

Shishikura: As they should.

Mora: You're not planning on going back?

Jaune: No, my place is here and always will be.

Just then Camie approached Jaune.

Camie: Hey there cutie, the names Camie. You're hotter up close, do you mind if I get your number?

Jaune: Uh sure, why the hell not.

Inasa: Way to go Jaune!

With the Ketsubutsu Students

Shindo: Nice fight Jaune, you sure kicked butt!

Nakagame: Yeah, your weapons were awesome and those summons are insane!

Toteki: To think you were capable of summoning something different from what we know.

Makabe: Not to mention you named it after fictional characters.

Jaune: Well when you hang out with two very intelligent girls, you tend to read a lot.

As they all laugh.

Jaune: But anyway thanks guys. It felt good to show them that I'm not the same person as before.

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