Chapter 7

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Jaune is now with his friends as they are waiting for the results of the provisional license exam.

Saiko: You scared Jaune? Cause I am.

Jaune: I am, I'm worried of the results. Let's hope what we did was enough for us to pass.

As Jaune holds Saiko's hand as they wait for the results to come.

Mera: The names of those who passed will appear in alphabetical order. Please check it yourself.

As the results popped up at the screen as both Jaune and Saiko were focused trying to find there names and they saw it but there names are in the board. As both of them cheered and hugged each other.

Jaune/Saiko: We did it!!

As they look and see all their friends happy that they all passed. He looks at Todoroki as he  see Jaune and nods at him and smiles. He smiles at him knowing that meant he passed but he noticed Bakugo's face.

Bakugo: It's not there.

Jaune: 'That's not good'

Inasa: Jaune I passed as well! We could be finally be heroes!

Jaune: Good job Inasa, I'm proud of you!

As Saiko just giggles at Jaune's interaction with his friends.

Mera: So....we will now pass out a printout of your results. A detailed breakdown of your score is included. So please read them carefully.

As they were handed their papers both Jaune and Saiko reviewed each other's and compared their scofes.

Jaune: Not bad Sai, you got a 95.

Saiko: It could be better, I think I got dedicated points when I didn't help some of their victims. I was more focused on finding more, and probably left some.

Then Momo alongside some of Class 1A walk towards Jaune.

Momo: So Jaune what did you get? I got a 94 in mine.

Saiko: Oh a 94, good job Yaoyorozu. As for me I got a 95.

Saiko said smugly towards Momo. As Momo just glares at Saiko knowing full well that she beat her, she is very annoyed that she beat her by one.

Jaune: Well....uhhhhh....I got....a 100.

Class 1A: 100!!!

Mineta: You got a perfect score! Are you kidding me!?

Momo: I knew you could do it Jaune.

Iida: As expected of our Class Representative!

Ashido: Good job Jaune!

Kirishima: Yeah! That's so manly Jaune!

Bakugo: Tch.

Jaune just smiles at everyone. He is happy for them and knows that all of them are one step closer into becoming heroes.

Mera: Now....for those of you who have passed, during emergency situations only. You will be granted to exercises the same authority as Heroes. This means that acts like fighting villians or saving people from criminal acts or accidents, you'll be able to perform these on your own will, without an order from other heroes. However, this means that each and every one of your actions carries greater social responsibility. As all of you will know, the great hero, All Might, has used up all of his power. His existence played a big role in the suppression of crime. Without that deterrent, impudent people will definetly appear. The balance will be destroyed, and as the world greatly changes. You, the young generation will eventually become the core of society. There is no time for you to feel down because you didnt have enough points. There's still a chance waiting for you.

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