Chapter 26

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UA Class 1A Dorms

It is now the evening as everyone is back at their Dorms, Jaune isnt doing so well as tonight is the night he has the talk with his former Mother and Sisters. Momo and Todoroki are there trying to calm him down.

Momo: Jaune just calm down, you've faced things worse than this.

Jaune: I know Momo, it's just I'm not ready to face them. After the first meeting, I feel like it will be the same thing all over again.

Todoroki: The only difference is your former Father is not joining them.

Jaune: They believe he'll cause more trouble, so they forbid him to join them.

Todoroki: That's good, from what you told me. He essentailly assaulted you for not agreeing to his demands and the Teachers dealt with him.

Momo: I don't know what was his thought process when he decided to attack you in a room of Teachers that see you as Family.

Jaune: It dosent matter the only thing that matters is he is not part of my life anymore. Juniper and the Arc Sisters, there is maybe a chance I could forgive them. Saphron is the only person I saw as a Family and yet she is the one not here and that annoys me, that the only person that cared for me is here and those that abondoned me roam this world.

Aizawa: It's like I said Jaune, the world is always unfair.

The 3 of them look and see Aizawa alongside the Arc Family.

Aizawa: It's best you have this conversation back at your room. Away from prying ears.

Jaune: I'll have Momo and Todoroki watch the Door, I trust them.

Aizawa: I'll go inside the room with you since I'm your Adopted Father and stop things if they go wrong.

Jaune nods as Aizawa gestures them to follow Jaune, Momo, and Todoroki to the Elevators and to Jaune's room.

When they enter they saw numerous posters of different characters, sketches of different armors from games, TV, and Movies. Blueprints Jaune and Saiko made regarding who he can summon and use as armor. Models and Statues of Knights and Armors. The Arc Family looked around the room, Momo knew everything in the room but she noticed a new set of Blueprints and a height scale. She got an idea on what Jaune is planning.

Momo: Jaune, please don't tell me you plan to use these guys as Armor at some point or worse summon them?

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Momo: Jaune, please don't tell me you plan to use these guys as Armor at some point or worse summon them?

Jaune: Oh you mean the Jaegers, absolutely. You seen the size of them, this is enough to take down huge Villains and the Grimm.

Todoroki: I'm fine with it.

Aizawa: I'm more worried about the Property Damage.

Jaune: Trust me it will be fine. Anyway on to business, Momo, Todoroki.

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