Chapter 14

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Jaune is headed to Ryukyu's Agency as he arrives he is greeted by her sidekicks.

Sidekick: Hello Jaune, It's good to see you again. Ryukyu is waiting for you in her office.

Jaune nods as he enters Ryukyu's Office.

Ryukyu: Ah Jaune, it's good to see you again.

Jaune: To you as well Ryukyu.

Ryukyu: Jaune you know I told you to call me Ryuko in private.

Jaune: Sorry, Ryuko. Anyway, are we doing the usual patrols today or dealing with a bunch of Villain groups like last time?

Ryukyu: No Jaune, this is something important. I trust you Jaune and I know you are more than capable enough to help me in this operation.

As Ryukyu gives Jaune a folder as he opens it and reads the documents.

Jaune: So what is this about, some kind of Drug group, Crime Family or supplier?

Ryukyu: Well, they're a Yakuza group that recently surfaced after All Might's retirement. We heard rumors about them supplying a Quirk Enhancing Drug, but we've yet to find any evidence about them.

Jaune: I see.

Ryukyu: And this is where you come in Jaune, from what I read about your abilities concerning your Quirk. You can summon for a long period of time and I want you to summon at least a dozen of your Knights to scout around the City to find anything suspicious.

Jaune: Of course Ryukyu, I can use a new aspect of my summoning ability. My new summons can hide in anything with a light, which means they are incredibly useful for the entire day. Also you don't need to worry about it decreasing my Quirk, I had my Dad and White Rose teach me to control it so we should be all good.

Ryukyu: That's great news, here.

As Ryukyu gives Jaune a map with certain areas that were circled.

Ryukyu: These are specific points and areas in the City we think their activities are happening. We're trying to remain incognito when we patrol but it's proven to be difficult.

Jaune: I see, so I'll place my summons on these certain spots. That way they can find any activity related to this Yakuza group, I can know since my summons can signal me if they find anything of interest and I can cycle through it's memories to see what they saw.

Ryukyu: That's good, we need all the info we can get about them.

Jaune: I can do it now Ryuko, my summons are active for a long time the only time they fade away is if I call them back.

Ryukyu: I see, very well then. Head to these locations and place your summons, but if you see anything suspicious on your way there.
Contact me.

Jaune nods as takes a picture of the map as he proceeds to the exit.

Ryukyu: Oh by the way, Nejire told me she's planning on asking two of your Classmates to join our Hero Agency for your Work Studies.

Jaune: Oh really, I'm curious to see who they're going to be. Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow, bye Ryuko.

Ryukyu: Bye Jaune. Oh and contact me once you finished your task.

Jaune nods as he exits Ryukyu's Agency as he looks at his Phone and heads to the locations. Jaune spent the entire afternoon placing his summons all around the City. His power levels won't decrease by that much but the power level of his new summons is strong enough to go against multiple Villains. After a couple of hours he finished the task as he contacts Ryukyu.

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