Chapter 21

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Summer and Jaune have just arrived in the Dorms as they could see Saiko, Momo, Willow, and Raven talking with each other.

Raven: What happened? What took you guys so long?

Jaune: Well my former family is here.

Momo: Wait, as in-

Jaune: Yes, my entire former family that includes my sperm donor.

Saiko: So what are you going to do Jaune?

Jaune: Nothing, Nezu has this covered. Anyway now on to business.

As Jaune and Summer sit on the couch as they had Winter stand guard incase Ozpin heads to the Dorms.

Jaune: So Momo, Sai. Since you now have the Maiden powers we will have Summer and Raven here train you. We will make a schedule with Nezu to train you guys under the radar.
We need to keep this a secret from Ozpin for now. As for Willow, Nezu informed me you will be assisting him with in helping run UA and keeping the HPSC off our backs.

They all nod.

Raven: What of Salem?

Jaune: For now we prepare, in due time we will all head back to Remnant with an army.

Summer: We have already have all the Maidens in our hands. So we are one step ahead of Salem.

Jaine: For now, we will give you a disguise so that Ozpin and his inner circle won't recognize you.

Winter enters the Dorm and informs them that she saw Nezu heading to the Dorms

Jaune: Is Ozpin with them?

Winter: No, just him and Midnight.

Jaune nods as Winter lets them in, Nezu enters alongside Midnight.

Summer: What happened?

Nezu: The Arc Family was persistent and kept begging to speak with you Jaune. Ozpin and Ironwood is trying to calm them down while Aizawa has his foot on your father's face. Here's a picture.

As Nezu shows a picture of Nicolas Arc on the floor and Aizawa has his foot in his mouth as you can see blood and teeth on the floor.

Summer: Hah! That's what he gets!

Momo: Never expected Aizawa to be this brutal

Saiko: Well Jaune is his son so he would be really protective of him.

Summer: Anyway, Nezu. Raven has info we have regarding Salem.

As Raven hands the file to Nezu as he reads the contents.

Nezu: I see, I'll make sure to monitor Ozpin's calls. No doubt he would inform Lionheart about out alliance.

Summer: Yup, and the Maidens?

Nezu: We will set up a place and schedule for them. Since Intelli goes to UA during a certain time to help Shield and Hatsume, we will use that time to train her new powers.

Midnight: It's going to be hard to explain to everyone on how Yaoyorozu and Intelli have a different Quirk.

Nezu: The people of UA and Seiai already know our secret so we should be fine.

As Nezu looks at Raven and Willow.

Nezu: As per our agreement all of you will be teachers in UA. Considering your expertise, you will help train the students alongside Summer. Don't worry about your disguises, we will make sure Ozpin does not find out you're here.

They both nod.

Nezu: As for you Jaune, Aizawa is asking me if you could at least try to speak with your former family. Don't worry we will be there to keep a close eye on them.

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