Chapter 8

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In the hallways of UA

Iida: Everyone! Keep quiet and swiftly move towards the grounds!

Sero: You're the only one who's not quiet.

Iida: The dilemma of a class rep!

Jaune just chuckles.

Jaune: Business as usual.

Then from the corner of his eye Jaune sees a familiar blonde.

Jaune: This is going to be great, let's see what he has to say to us this time.

Monoma: I've heard it, Class A. One person failed the provisional license exam, huh?

Jaune: Crazy as usual. Where's Kendo when you need her.

Kirishima: Weren't you the only one to fail again? Just like the finals.

As Monoma just laughs and faces away from them.

Kirishima: So did you or did you not?

Monoma: Heh. We....have all passed! We've pulled ahead of you Class A.

Jaune: 'Good thing Bakugo is not here or else he'll be pissed'

As all of Class 1B are in the hallway as Jaune approaches Kendo.

Jaune: Kendo congrats on everyone in your class on passing.

Kendo: To you as well Jaune, I heard for Yaoyorozu that out of everyone here in the first years you got a perfect score.

Tetsutetsu: No way man really?! That's so manly of you Jaune!

Shishida: As expected from you Jaune, you don't disappoint.

Setsuna: Looks like Jaune really pulled out his A game huh!

Tsunotori: Accordong to Mr. Vlad, we'll have classes together this semester! I'm looking forward to it!

Jaune: I'm looking forward to it as well Tsunotori.

Tsunotori: Oh congrats on getting perfect on the provisional license test!

Jaune: Thanks! By the way if Monoma ever tells you something just don't say it, trust me.

Tsunotori: You got it Jaune.

Momo watches Jaune and Tsunotori talking as Jiro walks towards her.

Jiro: Yao-momo is there something wrong?

Momo: No, it's nothing.

As Jaune sees Monoma arguing about Class supremacy again. Jaune sees a familiar face.

Jaune: Shinso

Shinso: Jaune.

They both just stare at each other as Jaune whispers to Shinso.

Jaune: My Dad told me I'm assisting you in your training, same schedule as before. Just be ready for hell.

Shinso nods as they walk past Class 1A

Sero: Jaune what was that about?

Jaune: Don't worry about it, come on let's head outside to the School Grounds.

UA School Grounds

Nezu: Hey! It's me, the small mammal principal that everybody likes! Recently, my fur, which is my pride and joy, has deteriorated! Taking care of it is quiet a hassle. The same can be said of humans. Even if you have a balanced diet with zinc and vitamins, the most important thing is actually sleeping. An irregular lifestyle is the worst for my fur. Talking about fur, be careful-

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