Chapter 22

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It's the day of the Raid as everyone is in the Nighteye Agency to discuss their findings.

Rock Lock: Is that child named Eri at the base?

Pro Hero: Isnt the base at?

Ryukyu: Shie Hassaikai's leader. The Mansion where he lives.

Rock Lock: What? Did we go through all the trouble for nothing?

Nighteye: No, we have obtained new intel.

Fat Gum: What makes you so sure?

As Nighteye looks at Qrow and he nods as he brings out a Toy.

Nighteye: A member of Hassaikai bought a girl's toy at a nearby department store a few days ago

Everyone was confused for a bit.

Fat Gum: Maybe that's his hobby. There are all sorts of people in this world. Hang on, why did you buy it too?

Nighteye: No. If he really has that kind of hobby, he definetly won't say that to the cashier.

Rock Lock: Did you use Foresight on him?

Nighteye: I told you before. I'll use it as the trump card to guarantee victory.

Fat Gum: Anyway, we can be sure about it then.

Qrow: Yes we can, I've been tailing numerous of those Yakuza members and been taking note of their locations. When I showed him the pictures, the dude holding the Toy confirmed his suspicious. The dude went exactly to the Mansion of the Yakuzas.

Bubble Girl: We also cooperated with the Police and now have a search warrant.

Fat Gum: Now the only thing we have to do is force our way in!

Bubble Girl: Hey! You stole my line!

Ruby: You think we can do this Jaune?

Jaune: I know we can Ruby, you got to have faith.

Yatsu: She's right Ruby, just believe in yourself and give it your all.

As Summer looks at Ruby from the crowd of Heroes.

Summer: 'Let's hope you can do this Ruby, I don't want you losing focus. You want to save Eri just like the rest of us.'

As Summer remembers her talk with Ruby


Summer is now in Ruby's Dorm as she called her for a talk.

Ruby: So Mom, what is this all about?

Summer: Ruby, I don't think you should join the raid.

Ruby: What?! Why?!

Summer: Because you're not ready Ruby! These people, Jaune and everyone in Class 1A. They have faced things that made them realise that being a Hero isn't all that black and white. There are times where you succeed and their are times you fail. But Ruby, the problem is you see everything as a Fairy Tale.

Ruby: Mom.....

Summer: You treat everything as if it'll go your way cause we're Huntsman, Heroes. Ruby you need to understand the dangers and responsibilities. It's not a game! Ughhh, I feel like it was a mistake to let you join Beacon early.

Ruby: But Mom, I proved myself in Beacon! I earned my place just like what Jaune and everyone said!

Summer: Yes you did Ruby and I'm very proud of you for your accomplishments. But I'm telling you that you'll face things that will make your realise there are horrible people out there.

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