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negativity || gojo satoru by istanpeoplesowat
negativity || gojo satoruby klutz
!SLIGHT MANGA SPOILERS! { a gojo-centric crossover into RWBY } Prison-chan was mean. Prison-chan wouldn't let him out. He even gave it a name! Treated it like an actual...
Opportunity in remnant (RWBY x Gamer MaleReader) Book of RWBY by Glacier25
Opportunity in remnant (RWBY x Glacier25
Life can be simple at times...can it not Being happy can suddenly change to Feeling Sadness Anger can leave you confused at your sudden actions It's all natural in the...
Fear The Reaper (RWBY x Male Reader) by OverGuy001
Fear The Reaper (RWBY x Male OverGuy001
After a tragedy that changes his life, Y/N, dedicates himself to saving others. He returns to Vale, after roaming Remnant for 3 years. Just bear with me on this. I also...
Wilted Frenzy by Light123hazerd
Wilted Frenzyby Light123hazerd
Lisa Rose was a girl that wanted nothing more then to be loved by her parents but sadly they only focused on her twin sister Ruby. She soon left only to find more despai...
A simple bartender by Fallenqr0w
A simple bartenderby Qrow Ozen
In the town of vale, if one ever needed to relax one would find themselves inside the foxes den. A simple bar with a simple bartender...
A sith dies, A huntsman rises. by TechSamurai6185
A sith dies, A huntsman TechSamurai6185
The force surely works in mysterious ways, after his death, Darth Vader awakens in the world of Remnant. If he has truly been given a second chance, then he would make a...
Mind Reader (Neo X Male Reader)  by Knotavin
Mind Reader (Neo X Male Reader) by Knotavin
(Y/N) is a Mind Reader. At a young age, he caused trouble for his family because of his semblance...and now he's a runaway. How will his ability affect his hopes for bec...
Grimm Soul by Lunafan27
Grimm Soulby Deen Thomas
The creatures of Grimm, beings that lack a soul, that crave only one thing, the destruction of all humanity. But what happens when one of these creatures gains a soul?
Baku Takes on Beacon by your-local-disaster
Baku Takes on Beaconby YourLocalDisaster
RWBY is owned by RoosterTeeth Baku and other characters belong to Sethical Formerly #1 in the rwby tag
Remnants Faker (RWBY x Male Reader) by TheAnimeManofYeet
Remnants Faker (RWBY x Male Reader)by TheAnimeMan
A failed experiment leaves Y/n deserted in a new world to him. How will he go back? Or maybe, will he want to go back.
RWBY CHIBI PET by Shadowdragon157
RWBY CHIBI PETby Rider dragons
a regular guy named Y/n decided to adopt a stray, and after that, more strays started to come to him, and he couldn't say no to the cuteness
Storm of Roses: Male Reader x RWBY by JTSmith22
Storm of Roses: Male Reader x RWBYby JTSmith22
The Tempestarii are a Clan of Storm Callers who have fought against the Grimm since before written history. Y/n Tempestarii is the lastest in an unbroken line of Tempest...
Abused and Neglected Ben 10 OC x RWBY (Being Revamped & On Pause) by GhXsty123
Abused and Neglected Ben 10 OC x Ghxsty
You were born into the Rose/Xaio Long/Branwen Family, your mother being Raven Branwen and your father Taiyang Xaio Long, after Raven left, the others neglected you, Abus...
Winters Storm (male child reader X mother Winter Schnee) by ChrisReiniger
Winters Storm (male child reader Shadow Nexus
Yelling. Fighting. Screaming. That's all (y/n) heard until his grandmother made him move out and live with his mother again. He hasn't lived with his mother since she le...
From Another World (PowerfulM!Reader x RWBY) by kdog2201
From Another World (PowerfulM! kdog2201
Y/N, an inter-dimensional hero. Y/N has become a complete legend in thousands of dimensions. Whether it is facing a monster, a disaster, a god, or other horrors, Y/N wou...
The Rose Hunter by Beaner10
The Rose Hunterby Beaner10
(Y/N) Rose had a happy childhood till one day he went to find his pet zwei but never came back. He was presumed dead but in reality he was in Yharnam killing the beast a...
RWBY: The Child of Grimm. Volume 1 (complete) by bentleygt500
RWBY: The Child of Grimm. Volume bentleygt500
A child, a baby, given to the Grimm as an offering. to the surprise of many, returns years later with an altered aura, semblance and a confused mindset. Will the child o...
Blake Belladonna x Schnee Male Reader by DoomEternal
Blake Belladonna x Schnee Male DoomEternal
It should be obvious but I do not own RWBY or any of the characters and locations used besides the stand in for the reader which will be represented by (Y/N). So this is...
Robotic branwen ( cayde 6 readerXrwby)Complete by shoeatrings
Robotic branwen ( cayde 6 shoeatrings
Your are Yn Branwen or at least use to be.
Remnants of a soldier(reboot) (idiot saga book 1) by jasafarion
Remnants of a soldier(reboot) ( jasafarion
Welcome to the book called "Remnants of a soldier :In god we lost" There was once a solider. He would fight his life away, however his life was in fact taken a...