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The Stray Branwen (Amnesiac Male Reader X RWBY Harem) by GreySlate
The Stray Branwen (Amnesiac Male GreySlate
Disappeared as a child, presumed killed by grimm. (Y/N)'s family have went nearly a decade thinking he was dead. However, their hope is reignited when he's spotted in Va...
I'll show them.... (abused male reader x RWBY) by A_friendly_psycopath
I'll show them.... (abused male __________
Third story abused male reader x rwby.
Fake It Till Ya Make It by Supah_Hambo
Fake It Till Ya Make Itby Hambo
(Y/n) is just another background character with modest grades. That is until some nighttime fun with his buddies ends him up with some of the most dangerous girls in exi...
The Thorned Rose (Abused M/R x RWBY) by thehugger011
The Thorned Rose (Abused M/R x Lawrence Quinn
An abused adopted member of the Rose family runs away after having enough of his abuse, but on his escape he receives a grizzly fate, one of blood and death and a very g...
RWBY CHIBI PET by Shadowdragon157
RWBY CHIBI PETby Rider dragons
a regular guy named Y/n decided to adopt a stray, and after that, more strays started to come to him, and he couldn't say no to the cuteness
The Dragon of The Demons (RWBY x Male Reader) by VrgsDrgn
The Dragon of The Demons (RWBY x VrgsDrgn
I don't own anything in this story. You are the king of the dragons, so powerful nothing can defeat you, so you go into hibernation for many years, to find some entertai...
Chosen Flame (MaleFaunusReaderXrwby) by SansofDestuction
Chosen Flame ( Drayken Ly
Y/n Schnee is the twin brother of Weiss Schnee, however unlike his sister was born with a a breathing problem. So in order to save him Willow, she asked Ironwood to save...
Vandheer Lorde Male Reader X RWBY by Devilmaycry407
Vandheer Lorde Male Reader X RWBYby Devilmaycry 407
Vandheer Lorde, the Tyrant King, ended by Armed with Wings himself. But before he was known as Vandheer Lorde. He was Y/N Branwen, the eldest son of Taiyang and Raven...
From Another World (PowerfulM!Reader x RWBY) by kdog2201
From Another World (PowerfulM! kdog2201
Y/N, an inter-dimensional hero. Y/N has become a complete legend in thousands of dimensions. Whether it is facing a monster, a disaster, a god, or other horrors, Y/N wou...
Evoke by Lgoana
Evokeby Lgoana
Another RWBY Story. You are a person who have lost his memories. And for some reason have find yourself in a village. Having nowhere else to go, you decided to stay in...
The Giant's Little Rose by PangoroGrunt
The Giant's Little Roseby Austin Casto
Ruby ran away from home by her family, who neglected her dream of becoming a Huntress. Ruby was eventually saved by the Legendary Giant, Regigigas, and trains her to bec...
The Weak RWBY X Malereader by Wolfinator12
The Weak RWBY X Malereaderby Wolfinator
The story of a boy, which people only know as the brother of one of the strongest Huntsman, finally making himself known. His whole life he was in the shadow of others...
Burning Gold (MHA X MALE READER) by ZeXceed-
Burning Gold (MHA X MALE READER)by BmaxTubby
(y/n) is a kid with a fiery temper and an equally fiery Quirk. After getting expelled from a hero academy in America, (y/n) is sent to UA high. There he meets someone h...
The Sin of Remnant Volume 1 FINISHED (Meliodas Male reader x Rwby Harem)  by Jesse676soto
The Sin of Remnant Volume 1 Jesse Alexis Soto
You are the third child of the Rose/Xiaolong family house hold but you are alot different from your sisters. You were adopted at a young age. What adventures will Y/n ha...
An Auraless Inventor (Izuku X RWBY) by KingGuyDied
An Auraless Inventor (Izuku X RWBY)by KingGuyDied
Izuku Midoriya has wanted to be a Huntsman for as long as he can remember. Unfortunately for him, his Aura is so weak he can't protect himself from an annoying fly let a...
Jaune Joins Smash Brothers by ArcReader_1080
Jaune Joins Smash Brothersby ArcReader
The World of Smash Brothers, where all characters from different games will come together and fight each other for compettion or sometimes for fun but one day, an dork b...
RWBY: Dungeons  by TheOfficialLies
RWBY: Dungeons by Odayakana Hanabira
Ruby Rose has always dreamt of becoming a huntress ever since she was a child, but, at the age of 3 she found out that she couldn't unlock her Aura like the other kids...
Yin and Yang (Male reader x Yang Xiao Long) by Divine_Quirk
Yin and Yang (Male reader x Yang Divine_Quirk
Yin and Yang. Exact opposites. This is what (Y/N) (L/N) would say about him and Yang Xiao Long. They are life long rivals, constantly trying to surpass the other. What w...