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The Stray Branwen (Amnesiac Male Reader X RWBY Harem) by GreySlate
The Stray Branwen (Amnesiac Male GreySlate
Disappeared as a child, presumed killed by grimm. (Y/N)'s family have went nearly a decade thinking he was dead. However, their hope is reignited when he's spotted in Va...
  • qrowbranwen
  • weissschnee
  • rwby
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Cold-minded (rwby male reader) by ghostTMMR
Cold-minded (rwby male reader)by ghostTMMR
You are a boy with a semblance that makes you feel nothing,that's emotional or physical You react to anything with a bored expression because nothing would harm you You...
  • pyrrha
  • rubyrose
  • rwby
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Gamer Of Remnant by Cmdpancake
Gamer Of Remnantby Cmdpancake
Ok help me understand this i died and now i'm given a chance to to come back with the powers of a gamer. And get thrown into a world of Grimm and other shenanigans. *S...
  • malereader
  • weissschnee
  • rubyrose
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Cinder's Younger Sister by TeamWhiteRose100
Cinder's Younger Sisterby TeamWhiteRose100
This my dear readers is a story about an alternate reality where Cinder has a younger sister. When you were both younger you were close but one night you were caught in...
  • cinder
  • rwbyfanfic
  • rubyrose
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(RWBY x Dark Souls Male Reader crossover) Yearning Dark Soul by Veynsen
(RWBY x Dark Souls Male Reader Veynsen
Y/N is the Ashen One. The Chosen Undead. Many titles, much experience. But after finally defeating Slave Knight Gael, he had one wish; to die. I do not own RWBY nor Dark...
  • malereader
  • rwbyfanfic
  • rwbycrossover
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A Very Bizarre Adventure by EpicDCGuy334
A Very Bizarre Adventureby EpicDCGuy334
(Y/N) 'Jotaro' Kujo, with a semblance only a few know about, how will his adventure through Beacon Academy be like? Safe to say, it'll be bizarre. JoJo's Bizarre Adventu...
  • rwby
  • bizarre
  • jojosbizarreadventure
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So The Hunt Begins Again... by JetTheHunter115
So The Hunt Begins JetTheSpartan
Kneeling beneath the great tree awaiting his death and awakening, the hunter was ready, though not for the world his subsequent awakening brought him.
  • bloodborne
  • rwby
abused shazam oc x rwby by EricCoronado3
abused shazam oc x rwbyby Eric Coronado
do not own rwby or dc
  • abuse
  • shazam
  • ốc
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Cold as Steel // RWBY x Samurai Male Reader! by xXBboyGenkaiXx
Cold as Steel // RWBY x Samurai Bboy Genkai
(Y/N) is the last samurai of an elder village, after the sudden destruction of it, (Y/N) needs to find out who was the responsible of it, wielding his three swords, he'l...
  • roosterteeth
  • yangxiaolong
  • weissschnee
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The End Is Near (Thanos Male Reader X RWBY) by Cryptic_Fiction
The End Is Near (Thanos Male Cryptic_Fiction
After losing everything in the fall of Beacon for being too weak you run away. Feeling guilt and pain for the losses faced you look to grow more powerful. However when y...
  • marvel
  • infinitywar
  • thanos
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RWBY CHIBI PET by Shadowdragon157
RWBY CHIBI PETby Rider dragons
a regular guy named Y/n decided to adopt a stray, and after that, more strays started to come to him, and he couldn't say no to the cuteness
  • chibi
  • malereader
  • rwby
Bloody Rose by ResilioUnus
Bloody Roseby Resilio Unus
Ruby Rose was gone. Yang and Taiyang were left alone on the little island called Patch. But years later, she appeared at Beacon Academy as Team RWBY's leader and the you...
  • cinderfall
  • salem
  • fanfic
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The All Powerful Omni Saiyan In RWBY by DavidBornAgain
The All Powerful Omni Saiyan In David Born Again
You were the previous Omni-King before Zeno, an unknown Sayian God with unfathomable and unlimited power, however you passed on the title because you were bored of being...
  • rwbyfanfic
  • powers
  • rwby
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Grimm Boy by Light123hazerd
Grimm Boyby Light123hazerd
A boy named West woke in the middle of nowhere in a forest of a burned town. When he woke up he noticed his features were different. He almost looked Grimm Don't own RW...
  • grimm
  • summerrose
  • wattys2019
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RWBY:Viper's Glare    by deadpoolmerkwiththem
RWBY:Viper's Glare by dead pool
Mercer Knight is a young man with a dark past that comes to Beacon to start over. Will he learn to be a person again, or will darkness overtake him and become a monster...
  • ressurectedstory
  • rwby
I Am The One Eyed Owl (RWBY X Abused OC) by tapir07
I Am The One Eyed Owl (RWBY X Tapir07
You were once a member of the Rose/Brawnen/Xialong family. But however they abused and neglected you. When you left for beacon things didn't get better since you were bu...
  • jaunearc
  • rubyrose
  • abused
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A hunter's journey (abused and neglected hunter x rwby) by Goldengun2002
A hunter's journey (abused and The Gunslinger
What happens when a ghost finds its way to Remnant and meets a boy? What will become of them? And what if the boys shrouded history? First story so feedback would be gr...
  • malereader
  • rwby
  • abusing
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The Purple Petal(Fnaf Bonnie Male Reader x Rwby(Penny) by EybiSea
The Purple Petal(Fnaf Bonnie EybiSea
Status:(Complete) Date: March 18,2019-June 21,2019 The book have: Volumes 1,2,3. No Volumes 4,5,6. Up to 12Volumes. (Mostly made up) No Harem. Lemon on CH 70 If that'...
  • godofwar
  • connor
  • neo
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The World Ender ( Abused & Neglected Aatrox Male Reader x Rwby) by Reven016
The World Ender ( Abused & Plazma Reven
(Y/n), a Timid guy with an ordinary life that all soon changed when they got a letter about his Father. Few months have passed, his Mother started to change, she begans...
  • wattys2019
  • action
  • xreader
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watching RWBY chibi by JoanneFrancesCajilig
watching RWBY chibiby Joanne Frances Cajilig
team RWBY are gonna watch the hilarious actions of there characters only they are out of characters, childish & their chibi! read their reactions!
  • humor
  • rwby
  • watching