Chapter 34

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Qrow and Willow are in one of the cliffside areas overlooking Mt. Glenn as they can see from the corner of their eye, a Bullhead approaching them.

Qrow: That them?

Willow looks at the Bullhead and scans it as she identifies the individuals in it.

Willow: Yup, it's them.

As the Bullhead lands on their location as the Pro Heroes and Hero Students all exit the Bullhead. Their Hero Outfits are all the upgraded ones provided by the Support Students and they are equipped with their Mecha-Shift Weapons.

The Pro Heroes that joined them are Kamui Woods, Ingenium, and Tiger.

Oobleck: I take it you found the White Fang's Base?

Willow: Yes and the situation has turned from bad to worse. Sekigai, Cerro I take it you reveiwed the info I sent you.

Kashiko/Cerro: Yes we did Ma'am.

Willow: Good, Cerro show the layouts of the Caves.

Cerro nods as she projects a hologram from her eye, as everyone can see the layout of the caves in Mt. Glenn. As Willow and Qrow were looking for someone as they scan all the individuals in the caves.

Winter: Who are you looking for Mother?

Willow: Someone very important.

As Qrow points to the person of interest they are looking for as Willow points at the individual as the details of them are being shown as the name pops up.

Oobleck: Roman Torchwick

Kamui: Isnt he the Criminal that is working with this Terrorist Organization?

Oobleck: Yes he is, but from the info we discovered. It turns out Torchwick over here is being forced to work for them by Cinder and hey lackeys

Jaune: Ah yes, her.

Ingenium: So our best option is to prioritize Torchwick's capture.

Qrow: And stop the train.

Kirishima: What do you mean?

Oobleck: The kingdom developed an elaborate underground metro system that allowed the settlers to commute to and from the main kingdom and the new territory, thus bypassing the danger of the Grimm, while also setting up an aggressive perimeter defense that worked for a short period of time, keeping the thousands of the city's residents safe in their new home. However, Mountain Glenn did not have the natural barriers like Vale does, and as Grimm attacks began to increase every day they overwhelmed the city's defenses. In a last-ditch effort to stave off destruction, the citizens of Mountain Glenn took refuge in the tunnels they had initially cleared for their subways, converting them into an underground settlement and cutting themselves off from the surface entirely. Unfortunately, it was compromised when an explosion opened the mouth of another cavern filled with subterranean Grimm. Vale sealed off the tunnels permanently.

Qrow: And from what we gathered from our little snooping operation, the Train they set up in the Underground Metro is filled to the brim with Fire Dust.

Tiger: It's a Bomb. Their going to blow up the wall and send the Grimm in the City.

Willow: Then we best get to it. Seikigai, you're up

As she nods and projects a Holographic map were all of the targets are moving so essentailly everyone can pinpoint their movements.

Willow: Alright, Oobleck take Jaune, Jiro and Fujimi with you. Qrow take Kamui Woods, Ingenium, and Mora. Winter take Tiger, Kirishima, Tetsutetsu, and Shindo. All of you will split up into teams and attack the White Fang in different areas.

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