Chapter 3

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It's the day of the Provisional License Exam as Class 1A exist the bus.

Jiro: Umm......I'm getting nervous.

Mineta: I wonder what we'll have to do. Uh... I wonder if I'll be able to get the provisional license.

Aizawa: Mineta. Don't wonder. Just get it.

Mineta: O-Of course!

Aizawa: If you pass the test and get your provisional license, then you hero-eggs will become chicks, hatching into semi-pros. Do your best.

Jaune: 'He's right, with this I can finally have a chance to be a Hero like I always dreamed of. Don't worry Grandpa, Grandma, I'll make you proud.'

Kaminari: Right! Let's become chicks, huh?

Kirishima: Let's go with the usual! Ready..Plus-

???: ULTRA!!

Jaune and Todoroki looked and see that they recognize the student.

Jaune: 'Oh it's you, been a while since I last saw you'

???: It's not good to barge in on other people's huddles, Inasa.

Inasa: Whoops. I am....truly....very....sorry!

Everyone was shocked when Inasa bowed his head in the ground.

Jaune: 'If he has Aura he would be fine but this, he will get brain damage if he keeps doing this'

Jaune notices his dad recognizes him as well and is curious by it.

Jiro: Wait those uniforms, It's that famous school in the west.

Bakugo: UA in the east, Shiketsu in the west.

Jaune: 'So that's where you went Inasa, why though. If I remember I watched the recommendation exam you placed first but didn't go to UA. Why?'

He break out of his train of thought when Aizawa spoke.

Aizawa: Inasa Yoarashi.

Hagakure: Mr. Aizawa, you know him?

Aizawa: That guy's strong. Last year, the same year you enrolled, Yoarashi got top scotes in the entrance exam, but for some reason he turned down the offer.

Midoriya: So, he's a first year?

Jaune: Yes he is, and we need to keep an eye in him.

He looks towards Todoroki.

Jaune: 'This is going to spew trouble, I just now it'

Then suddenly Jaune sees his dad panicked a bit and he has a huge grin on his face. He knows who's voice that is. He looks and sees Ms. Joke.

Ms. Joke: I've seen you on TV and at the Sports Festival, but It's been a while since I've seen you in person!

Jaune is barely containing himself, from what he heard from Present Mic and Midnight, or how he calls them Uncle Hizashi and Aunt Nemuri, this interaction should be fun to watch.

Ms. Joke: Let's get married.

Aizawa: No

Jaune: Yes

Aizawa: Quiet you.

Ms. Joke: No? That's funny! (Laughs)

Aizawa: As always, you're hard to take with, Joke.

Ms. Joke: If you marry me, our live will be happiness and full of laughter!

Jaune: So Dad will she be my new Mom?

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