Chapter 24

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Ryukyu: We have many injured! Get as many ambulances here. Hurry up! Please confirm if there are other victims. The League of Villains might be watching nearby. Search for them now!

As all the other Pro Heroes who weren't injured and the Police all helped the injured and brought out the Villains that were arrested. As Jaune checked on Midoriya who is holding a unconscious Eri.

Jaune: How is she?

Midoriya: She's fine I think her Quirk took a toll on her.

Jaune: We'll let's hope she's alright.

Jaune looks and sees Nighteye and Ryukyu heading towards them.

Ryukyu: Are you two alright? Are you injured?

Jaune: Just exhausted, all those summons and Armors took a toll on me. As for Midoriya.

Midoriya: I'm fine, it looks like Eri's Quirk did something to me. From what Chisaki said Eri's Quirk rewinds things so it most likely rewind to the point I had no injuries.

Nighteye: Then it's best we keep an eye on Eri for the time being if by the chance she wakes up and her Quirk acts up, we need to be there to stop it incase anything goes bad.

Ryukyu: It's best if you both join the Ambulances for a check up we want to make sure everyone here is okay.

As both of them head towards the Ambulance they were stopped by Nighteye.

Nighteye: Good job, both of you. We may have lost Mirio's Quirk during all of this, but in the end. At least Eri is safe.

They both smile and nod as they head towards the Ambulance.


Both Midoriya and Jaune are in the Hospital to get themselves checked. For Midoriya he was fine as the Doctor said that everything and for Jaune he was just physically exhausted and just needed some rests. They both met up with Aizawa who Jaune was extremely worried about and went to him to make sure he's okay.

Aizawa: I'm fine Jaune it was merely a stab wound, they only gave me ten stitches. It's not as bad as when I fought the Nomu.

Jaune: Yeah, but you're my Dad and I get worried about you when you get hurt.

Aizawa: I know.

As Jaune and Aizawa hugged it out while Aizawa looks at Midoriya. He knows what Aizawa is saying in his mind, it's basically "You didn't see anything" as he nods.

Midoriya: Mr. Aizawa how are the others?

Aizawa: Kirishima and Daichi suffered a few bad contusions and lacerations but thanks to Jaune's Armor they will get out just fine. Amajiki, although there's a fracture in his facial bones, there won't be any repercussions after he recovers. As for Fat Gum, he has a few fractures, but he's very energetic. Rock Lock was lucky the knife missed his organs. That's why he's not too badly hurt.

Jaune: And Eri?

Aizawa: She still has a fever, so she's in a coma. They put her in Quarantine.

Midoriya: Can we not see her?

Aizawa: They probably made that decision based on your information about her. She can't control her Quirk, Rewind. If she activates it without any reason no one can stop her other than me.

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