Chapter 36

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Both Momo and Saiko got their Swords ready as their weapons both get engulfed in their specific elements, fire for Momo and ice for Saiko.

Saiko: Ready Nikos?

As Pyrrha readies her spear and shield, as she grits her teeth in anger as she is ready to give these two girls a beating they'll never forget.

Then Saiko nods to Momo as she stabs the sword on the ground as a burst of lava explodes from under Nikos as she jumps away quickly, she then looks up and sees Saiko with a bow and arrow as she fires a charged arrow at Pyrrha as the minute the arrow hits the ground it released a burst of ice that covered the area around her.

Saiko: Time for us to show off our new spells.

Momo: Right, been itching to test them out and we have the perfect guinea pig.

The two girls look towards Pyrrha as she is breathing heavily and staring at them in fury, her hair is now a mess and not in a ponytail anymore as her bangs cover her eyes. Both Saiko and Momo know Pyrrha's eyes are full of hatred and anger.

Pyrrha screams as she charges straight towards Saiko, her main tormentor.

Saiko: Heavy Fortress.

When Pyrrha strikes Saiko, her body glows red as Saiko stood still as Pyrrha continuously attacks her with her sword and shield, but nothing is happening.

Pyrrha: What the?! Why can't I hit you?!

Saiko: Heavy Fortress, this spell raises one's own defense to be better able to handle direct attacks on their bodies. That means your attack won't work on me! Sunlight!

A bright light appears as Pyrrha is blinded.

Saiko: Momo!

Momo: Giantsflame take thee!

A ball of flame appears in Momo's hands as she threw it towards Pyrrha, the flame grew larger and it hits Pyrrha as she gets engulfed by the flames and screams in pain.

Saiko can see that Pyrrha has small burns all over her.

Saiko: Here's some advice, get better armor that covers your body. Cause your armor won't be doing well against what we have in store for you.

As Saiko projects a spear.

Saiko: Shatter Earth

As Saiko lifts up the spear, the tip of the spear glows a bright light blue. Saiko charges it up then she stabs the spear in the ground as it caused a burst of magical energy to appear on the ground as Pyrrha got sent flying to the air.

Saiko: Gavel of Haima

Saiko projects a giant hammer and readied it as Pyrrha is falling to the ground, she hits her with the Hammer as she got sent flying towards Momo.

Momo: Dragonfire!

As a giant Dragon Head appears on Momo's head, she then breathes out fire using the Dragon's head as Pyrrha gets engulfed by it and screams in pain.

Saiko: Ash of War: Ice Stomp

As Saiko stomps on the ground as multiple small ice spikes surround Pyrrha and pierce her.

Momo: Let's finish this!

As Saiko nods as both of them prepare their final attack.

Saiko: Ash of War: Carian Grandeur!

Momo: Ash of War: Eruption!

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