Chapter 10

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Remnant: Beacon Academy

Ozpin is very upset of the outcome right now. Ever since Jaune's transcripts were revealed the Academy turned on him. He was disappointed in all of the students. He wished he could do something but couldn't since Goodwitch allowed all of this to happen, if Ozpin tried to stop this. Goodwitch would blackmail him into telling about this to the Council and in the end lost his position in Beacon.

Oobleck and Port tried to stop this as well but they couldn't, they were incredibly disappointed in all of the students of Beacon. They were all happy when they learned that Team CFVY and Ruby stayed by Jaune's side, Ozpin was proud of Ruby.

But it was worse when they found his sword and shield broken and bloodied in the Emerald Forest. That was the last straw, Ozpin called an assembly and basically shouted at the students about what they did with Jaune, Goodwitch tried to argue but Ozpin wasn't having it. At this point he was willing to resign in Beacon, same goes for Oobleck and Port. He is willing to find people like Jaune all over Remnant. The next generation of Huntsmen right now are a disappointment.

It's been a few days since that incident as Ozpin is with Oobleck and Port in the Office. The Elevator door opens and they were greeted with Ironwood, Winter, Tai, Qrow, Ghira, and Kali.

Ozpin: Ah, so good to see all of you.

Qrow: Oz what's going on why do you need to call me? Also why is Tai here?

Tai: I came here as soon as I can Ozpin. This better be important.

Ghira: Same goes for us Ozpin.

Winter: Does this involve with the incident about Mr. Arc?

Oobleck: It's not Mr. Arc anymore, his father disowned him.

Ghira: Wait, why would Nicolas disown his own son?

Oobleck: Because he came into Beacon with fake transcripts. Because his father never bothered to train him.

Kali: Wait why would Nicolas not train Jaune? I mean he trained all of his daughters, so why not Jaune?

Port: Because he believed he had no potential. He gave up on him when Jaune was still a child. Jaune told me, that his father stopped training him and found him to be worthless. Funny enough her sisters were in the same position as him and his father trained them.

Tai: Then why didn't he train him? If his sisters were just like him why didn't he train him at all.

Qrow: Because he is their breeding stud.

Tai: Qrow....

Qrow: You get the picture. He was only meant to be a breeding stud so that the father can continue the family name.

Tai, Ghira, Kali, and Winter felt sick to their stomachs when they heard that.

Ghira: could've changed.

Kali: He showed his true colors.

Ozpin: Now before we get off topic, there is a reason why I called you all here.

As Ozpin shows the footage of the countless beatings Jaune experienced in Beacon. The parents felt sick that these are the people that are suppose to protect Remnant. What made it worse was when they saw footage of Weiss, Blake, and Yang continuously beating Jaune to death.

Winter was disappointed, Weiss is becoming just like her father.

Ghira and Kali were shocked that Blake would do something like this and found it very hypocritical considering her background is bad compared to Jaune. They were worried that Adam influenced her.

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