Chapter 35

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A few Hours ago

In the Combat Area of Beacon, after Goodwitch was fired from her job. Summer and Tai were the replacement for Goodwitch and their teaching methods have proven to be effective. They teach all the Students in different forms of combat, they hated it and complained about it but Ozpin told them that things needed to change and if they don't get their act together they are going to be expelled.

Aizawa also frequents the Class to see who among them truly has no potential, he is not like Goodwitch who gets rid of the Students just because she wants to. No, Aizawa observes and takes note of which Students don't take this seriously and are just cocky that they can handle anything. He takes notes of their name and informs Ozpin about this, if they don't improve. They're out of Beacon, no questions asked.

Right now, Summer, Tai and Aizawa are watching a match, it's Pyrrha against a team of Students. They know Pyrrha is the Mistral Champion, but her style is for tournament fights not ones fitted for outside combat, where the enemy can fight however they want.

Summer: So Aizawa, any thoughts on Nikos's progress so far?

Aizawa: She's improving but she has a long way to go. Her movements are still being wasted on flashiness. Even in our society, we're not that flashy, take All Might for example. Despite his methods, he gets the job done without wasting any time. Nikos though does so much unnecessary moves and flips that she has too many openings that her opponent can take advantage.

Tai: Problem is her opponents can't see it.

Aizawa: Exactly, they don't think smart. They just attack without thinking.

And as they look at the arena they see Ms. Nikos defeat the Team of Students. But before Summer was about to announce something to the class. A clap could be heard from the audience.

Pyrrha looks and isn't all to happy to see those two. It's her 2 "best friends", Momo Yaoyorozu and Saiko Intelli.

Saiko: An impressive display as usual! From the Clown!! Bravo!

Momo: Yes, yes as expected from the Mistral Chumpion!!

Aizawa: Intelli, Yaoyorozu what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be back at the Base.

Momo: We had a meeting with Ozpin and Nezu, then decided to drop by the Combat Arena to see what you guys are doing.

Saiko: And it appears we came at a right time, tell me what's the progress of this clown. Is she improving or failing miserably?

Pyrrha just grits her teeth in anger, meanwhile in the audience area Ruby just faceplams.

Ruby: This is not going to end well.

Ren: Yup, last time these 2 pissed Pyrrha off she attacked them, luckily we were there to calm her down.

Nora: Calm her down?! More like restrained her! She was going to rip them to shreds!

Blake: But this time no one is there to calm her down.

Ruby: No doubt Pyrrha would say something very stupid right now.

Summer then went over and announced to everyone what Pyrrha needs to improve.

Summer: Well from what we observed, Ms. Nikos may be improving but she still has to many Easter movements. From where we were standing Ms. Nikos had way to many openings because of her flashy movements, her opponent could've taken advantage of it but didn't. Ms. Nikos focus on ending the fight then showing off.

Pyrrha: But you Pro Heroes do the same as well!!

Aizawa: We do, but not to this extent. We focus on defeating the Villain and saving lives. Not showing off to people, fighting the Villains is already what they call flashiness, but we don't waste time or else there would be consequences.

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