Chapter 27

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It's the next day as Jaune was called to the Faculty Room for his scheduled meeting with the other 4 Schools. He enters the Faculty and is met with the Prinicipals from each School and the representative that Jaune and the others Schools chose to join them on Remnant.

Jaune: I take it were all here?

Nezu: Yes we are Jaune.

As Jaune stands beside Nezu, he sees the other 4 Schools. Mora standing beside the Shiketsu Principal, Shindo with Ketsubutsu Principal, Saiko with Seiai Principal, and Kashiko with Isamu Principal.

Shiketsu Principal: I take it all preparations have been finished?

Nezu: Indeed it has, we have everything we need to go to Remnant. Ozpin will set us up with a Building they have abandoned in Beacon, that will serve as our base of operations. We will bring David Shield to help Power Loader and Cementoss set up the Base.

Seiai Principal: And what of the Maidens?

Nezu: The Maidens are all secured as both Ms. Yaoyorozu and Intelli's training is going excellent. In due time they can be on par with White Rose and Akame.

Seiai Principal: Excellent work there Intelli, you're doing the School proud.

Saiko: Thank you Principal.

Ketsubutsu Principal: We made sure we have no outside interference. yes?

Nezu: Of course I had Madam Snow deal with that and I have to say she's good, very good at her work.

Shiketsu: So are we going through with the plan and upgrading the selected Student's Quirks?

Nezu: Yes we are, Jaune gave me the list of Students he wishes to bring to Remnant and after further discussions we approved of all them.

Jaune: That's good then that means we can started.

Nezu: Yes, we will all head over to the 4 Schools and call the selected students to have their Quirks upgraded or fixed.

Jaune: We'll have White Rose, Akame, Madam Snow, Snow Sorceress, Knockout and Corvus teach the Students in using their new upgraded Quirks. They are more than capable of teaching the Students. Then we have Bulwark, Expresso Runner, and Teller teaching them everything there is to know about Remnant and it's dangers.

Isamu Prinicipal: That's good.

Nezu: Then we leave for the Schools

Ketsubutsu Principal: Jaune, do you have a way we can get to the Schools quicker?

Saiko: Of course he does. Right Jaune?

Jaune nods as he produces a portal for everyone to go through as they went to their first stop, Isamu.

Isamu Academy High School

Once they arrived the Principal of Isamu escorted them to the Classroom as Jaune and the others looked around the School.

Jaune: It's not as big as UA, but the School looks nice.

Kashiko: Well, were not one of the Top Schools Jaune.

Saiko: Well the same can be said about Seiai at times, but we are known to make the best Heroes Teams.

Kashiko: Well at least with this, we will get noticed.

Jaune: Yeah at least that's the good part about all of this.

Isamu Principal: We are here.

As the Principal opens the Door and they enter, Jaune looks around the Classroom and recognizes the 3 people he already knew. He waved at them and they waved back.

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