Chapter 39

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After the matches in the Vytal Festival, Nezu and Ozpin are now in the Hero Base to discuss the events that just transpired.

Ozpin: So I take it we raided all the White Fang outposts in Vale?

Nezu: Yes we have, all intel regarding their locations have been proven to be useful for us as we have detained majority of the White Fang in Vale, Adam Taurus though is still at large.

Ozpin: That will be a problem, but with the capture of Cinder Fall and her associates we should be good for now.

Nezu: Yes, but I believe we'll get more news regarding Adam Taurus's location right about now.

And on cue both Qrow and Hawks entered tbe building, from the looks of it. They were in a rush.

Nezu: Hawks, Qrow report.

Qrow: Taurus is making his move, he's gathering what's left of the White Fang and attacking Vale.

Hawks: They even have some Fire Dust left that Torchwick stole for them, they'll use it to bomb Vale.

Qrow: And with those bombs will cause panic around Vale and will definetly attract the Grimm.

Ozpin: Then sound the alert, have all the Pro Heroes and Huntsmen to evacuate all the Civilains. Contact Willow and Raven, inform them to set up our forces.

Qrow: What about the bombs?

Nezu: Jaune will handle it, he'll send his summons to deal with it. I assume you have the location of their bombs?

Hawks: I do, was able to snatch their plans before we booked it out of there.

Nezu: Good, then let's get a move on.


As all of Vale are preparing for the coming attack, all the Hero Students are gathered outside of their base. They can see Jaune with Aizawa and Vlad.

Momo: So what's the call Jaune?

Jaune: We'll all head in Vale and hold the line.

Vlad: The City has been evacuated and we have the Pro Heroes, Huntsmen, and Atlas Military ready to fight the White Fang.

Aizawa: You'll be divided into Teams and will stay with a Pro Hero during this whole event.

Saiko: And Cinder?

Aizawa: In one of the holding cells inside the Base, don't worry we made sure the cells are similar to the ones in Tarturus, she won't be getting out of here.

Jaune: And with all of the Fall Maiden's powers taken away from her, we won't worry about her taking us on.

Bakugo: A shame I wanted to test my might against her.

Saiko: Same.

Midoriya: Mr. Aizawa where is Ruby and Team CFVY?

Aizawa: Will remain in Beacon to defend the Academy alongside Oobleck and Port and to keep an eye on Teams WBY and PNR.

Midoriya: I see.

Uraraka: Why are you asking about that Deku-kun?

Midoriya: Oh I just expected Ruby to be here that's all.

Uraraka: I see....

Momo: We are going off topic, what about the Grimm? The White Fang surely have plans to bring them here.

Aizawa: That's where both you and Intelli come in, you two alongside White Rose and Akame will deal with any Grimm that is heading to Vale, make sure none get in.

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