Chapter 13

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It's late in the afternoon as all the 1A students alongside their new students are in the Dorms, all relaxing after a tired day of training. Meanwhile Jaune is on a call with Ryukyu.

Ryukyu: Sorry I couldnt answer your calls Jaune, I was busy the whole day.

Jaune: It's okay Ryukyu, I was busy as well. Anyways, we have our Hero Work Studies coming up and I was wondering if I can you can take me as a sidekick?

Ryukyu: Of course I will Jaune, I was going to ask you the same thing as well.

Jaune: My Homeroom Teacher, Mr. Aizawa already made the paperwork for the work studies So everything is all good. So when do I start Ryukyu?

Ryukyu: You will start the day after tomorrow Jaune. I will finish up a few things then I will contact you about the details.

Jaune: Of course Ryukyu, Thank you for this oppurtunity and I will see you tomorrow.

As the call ended and Jaune headed to the kitchen to cook dinner for his soon.

He sees Ruby, Velvet, and Coco getting along with his friends.

Jaune: It seems they're having a good time.

As Jaune begins cooking dinner as usual with the help of Iida and Sato. As Ruby stares at Jaune.

Ruby: So guys.

Tsu: Yes Ruby.

Ruby: How was Jaune during all of this? I mean we thought he was dead, so it was weird seeing him again.

Tsu: Well Jaune wasn't quiet or distant from us. In fact, he was kind and caring for all of us during the first days. But once we found out the truth, he was scared that we would reject him but we accepted him.

Todoroki: Something your friends couldn't.

Jiro: It's hard to think his own team, his friends decided to abandon him over a piece of paper.

Tokoyami: Did they ever bother to find out what Jaune's reason were for doing this?

Ruby: No they didn't.

Bakugo: Then those people are a bunch of fake ass friends.

Then Bakugo shows up after coming back from the remedial exams.

Bakugo: You we're lucky that your sister ain't here. If she was I would've beat the crap out of her. (Sighs) I may be similar to your sister in a way, but after what I did in the past I learn that actions will have consequences and she needs to learn that.

Jaune looks at Bakugo and hides a smile.

Jaune: 'You and Yang maybe similar, but you have more common sense than her and your reason of being a Hero is better than hers. You've changed Bakugo, looks like I really put some sense into you'

Then Qrow enters the Dorm alongside Summer.

Ruby: Mom! Uncle Qrow! Hey where's Dad?

Summer: He's just finishing up some work I gave him.

As both Summer and Qrow sat on the couch.

Summer: So how was your day everyone?

Tsu: We are doing fine Ms. Rose, we just finished training with your Daughter, Adel, and Scarlatina.

Jiro: We also got them up to speed with everything they need to know about Heroic stuff.

Summer: That's great, at least for us we for Ruby to at least be on par with CQC.

Qrow: She can go up against a basic thug now, we'll continue training her in fighting without her weapon.

Uraraka: Looks like all of us are making good progress today.

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