Chapter 17

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Midnight: And start!

As Teams WBY and PNR charge towards Jaune. Jaune runs towards them as he blocks all their attacks with his Sword as he parries and dodges their attacks.

Yang: Hold still!

With the UA Students

Ashido: Look at Jaune go!

Hagakure: He looks like he's dancing!

Momo: His movements are graceful and elegant.

Uraraka: I want him to teach me that!

Tsunotori: Same goes for me!

Kendo: And me as well, from where I'm seeing it looks like there not even touching him.

Setsuna: Yeah look at him go!

Honenuki: It looks like his opponents won't be able to touch him.

Tetsutetsu: This is getting good!

Kirishima: I know right!

With the Shiketsu Students

Shishikura: Impressive his moves look perfect and fluid.

Mora: Indeed, he must've trained a lot to achieve this.

Camie: You think he's a good dancer though?

Shishikura: Really that's what you're focusing on?

With the Ketsubutsu Students

Shindo: Impressive, I never knew Jaune was that good with a Sword

Nakagame: Well he is a knight.

Makabe: And he puts those with Sword Quirks to shame.

With the Seiai Students

Saiko: Looks like my advise worked.

Cerro: What do you mean Ms. Intelli?

Saiko: Well Jaune and I train in sword combat for a while now and I proposed another method where instead of the movements being heavy and quick, I wanted it to be a balance of that and it seems he perfected it.

Cerro: I see.

With the Isamu Students

Kashiko: I should really ask Jaune to train me like he did with his best friend. I want to learn how to fight like him.

Tandan: You can try asking him after this, but he could be busy after all everyone here is friends with him.

Kashiko: Yeah that would be hard.

With the Teachers

All Might: Aizawa did you teach Jaune this?

Aizawa: No I did not.

Summer: If you're going to ask me, then no I also didn't teach Jaune this.

Ectoplasm: He must've been doing this on his free time.

Cementoss: He has actually, I never seen him trained but I was there to essentially help him clean up his mess when he trains.

Thirteen: I wonder what other abilities he has in store for us.

With the Pro Heroes

Edgeshot: His fighting style is good.

Kamui: Really now?

Edgeshot: Yes, his movements are fast and in motion, he moves at a continuous motion that allows him to continue fighting the enemy but also not leaving him open for any attack.

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