Chapter 16

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Yang: Guess who!

Jaune, Ruby, Coco, Velvet are shocked, how on earth is Yang here. Summer looks at Yang in anger, what gave her the right to barge into a classroom. But before she could do something, Aizawa was already on it.

Yang: Hey, what the hell?!

As Yang is being wrapped by Aizawa's Scarf and her Semblance has also been erased. As Aizawa is pissed.

Aizawa: What gave you the right to barge into our classroom? You have no jurisdiction to be in this School, now tell me who are you or I will have the Police arrest you for trespassing and destruction of property.

As Yang tries to break free as she was smacked in the head by Summer.

Summer: You are in a lot of trouble young lady and don't you think you'll get out of this one!

Yang is shocked that Summer is actually here and alive. Summer just pinches the bridge of her nose in annoyance and frustration. Just then they hear voices and see Weiss, Blake, Ren, Nora, and Pyrrha enter the classroom.

Jaune: Great, everyone is here. Just what I needed for today.

Jaune says sarcastically.

Weiss: What do you think you are doing!? We can't just barge a classroom?!

Winter: Weiss!

Weiss was frozen still when she heard Winter's voice, she makes eye contact with her as she goes towards her.

Weiss: Winter!

Winter: Silence, Weiss can you please explain to me, how you and your friends are here. If I recall, we were the only ones sent here and don't give me any excuses. Understand!

Weiss: Yes Winter! Well, we were in Beacon in the cafeteria then all of a sudden a flash of light appeared and we ended up here.

As Winter looks at Summer, she nods knowing it was the God of Light's doing or worse his Brother. They need to make sure Salem wasn't also sent here.

Winter: I see, so it was only the 7 of you?

Weiss: No, Ms. Goodwitch is here and is being scolded by Ozpin and some kind of animal.

Aizawa: Mind your tongue child, that animal is the Principal.

Weiss: He's the Principal!?

Winter: He is and he is someone you don't want to mess with, trust me. He even scared General Ironwood, and for some reason he "convinced" him to not have a dictatorship personality and mindset.

Weiss: I see...

Meanwhile Jaune and his classmates are whispering about these uninvited guests.

Momo: So those are your tormentors Jaune?

Jaune: Yes, yes they are.

Bakugo: You want me to beat them up, especially the blonde one?

Todoroki: I would like to join as well.

Iida: I feel like this spells trouble.

Sato: From what you told us the Blonde girl would most definitely start a fight.

Momo: She has no jurisdiction here, she is not a student nor a guest in this school. If she triggers a fight she would be arrested.

Jaune: Or worse get a scolding from her mother.

Midoriya: Jaune they're looking at you.

As Jaune looks towards the front and sees Pyrrha staring at her, Jaune gives her a deadly aura telling her to fuck off. Just then Ozpin arrives with Nezu.

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