Chapter 28

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Jaune is with Midoriya and Mirio as they are walking to Eri's room in the Hospital. As they open the door to her room.

Midoriya/Mirio/Jaune: Eri.

Midoriya: Sorry we havent been visiting.

Mirio: I brought a fruit basket for you.

Jaune: And I have some candy that you may like. If you don't mind, would you like to try some?

As Mirio gives the Fruit Basket to Eri while Jaune leaves the bag of candy in a table near Eri.

Mirio: Do you have a favorite fruit? Can I make a guess? I think you like peaches. Are they your favorite?

As Eri is now holding the fruit basket.

Eri: Apples.

Mirio: I knew you like apples. Let me peel one for you. It feels good to peel an apple.

As Jaune looks at Aizawa as he remembers their conversation before this.


Aizawa and Jaune are in the Teacher's Dorm as Aizawa wanted to talk to Jaune.

Aizawa: You know Eri has been asking for both you and Midoriya.

Jaune: Really?

Aizawa: Yes, when it she was admitted to their hospital, her first was to see you three.

Jaune: So were headed there soon?

Aizawa: Yes, her Quirk is fine. But I'll be there in case something bad might happen.

Jaune: Do you think there is a chance we can fix her Quirk?

Aizawa: We can try but we don't want Eri to feel like we are experimenting on her.

As Jaune thinks about this.

Jaune: I'll try talking to her. Both me and her came from people that told you that you are merely a curse or deadweight. I can relate and so will she. That way when the time is right she can accept our proposal of fixing her Quirk.

Aizawa: Do what you have to do Jaune.

Flashback Ends

As Aizawa looks towards Jaune.

Aizawa: 'I hope you know what you are doing Jaune?'

As Mirio finished cutting up the Apples as Jaune places the plate beside the Candies.

Eri: I have been thinking. When I had the fever, I was thinking about how you saved my life. But I don't know your names. I only know Mr. Lemillion. So I really wanted to ask your names.

Midoriya: My name is Izuku Midoriya. My Hero name is Deku. "Deku" is shorter, so it's easier to remember.

Jaune: And my name is Jaune Aizawa. My Hero name is Excalibur. But it would be nice if you call me Jaune, but my Hero name Excalibur is fine as well.

Eri: Hero name?

Midoriya: It's like a nickname.

Eri: Mr. Deku, Mr. Excalibur.

Jaune: Yes that's right.

Eri: And Mr. Lemillion, and there was.

As Eri remembers the memory of Nighteye.

Eri: The Man with glasses. Everyone was hurt badly because of me.

Jaune: Actually Eri, the Man with glasses, his name is Sir Nighteye. He is fine and well.

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