Chapter 19

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The Next Day

Aizawa: Are they all set?

Summer: Yes they are, Team WBY are with their respective family, while Midnight is handling Team PNR.

Aizawa: Good.

As Aizawa and Summer are walking to the entrance of UA where they see Teams WBY and PNR. Weiss, Blake, and Yang are now wearing the Shiketsu uniform with Yang not liking the uniform at all. Ren and Nora are wearing the Ketsubutsu uniform while Pyrrha is in the Seiai uniform.

Aizawa: Are the Buses headed their way?

Midnight: Yes they are, they'll arrive in a few minutes.

Aizawa nods as he looks at the 7 students. He sees all of them are doing their best to not cause trouble but he can see in the eyes of Blake and Yang, he knows they'll do something that will get them in trouble.

Aizawa: 'Ghira and Kali's daughter is a bigger problem child than Midoriya and Bakugo combined.'

Just then Nezu arrives alongside Jaune and Ozpin they have Glynda with them as she is being escorted by Hound Dog and Vlad King.

Ozpin: I'm going to say this once and only once, this isn't our world. So I want all of you to follow the rules, you are not in Beacon. I cannot let your actions slide, you will face the consequences if you do the same stunts you did back in Remnant. Do I make myself clear?

Everyone: Yes sir.

As Ozpin looks at Blake and just sighs.

Then all the Buses for the three schools arrive. As Weiss, Blake, and Yang were about to board their families said their goodbyes.

Winter: Weiss, I expect you to behave. Your actions at Beacon are disappointing, you threw away everything I taught you and ended up like Father. I hope you learn from this.

Weiss: I understand Winter, I'll do my best.

Winter: Make sure of it, I don't want to get a call saying you broke the rules again.

Weiss: I understand Winter. But do you think we'll ever come back home?

Winter: We will, but I want to stay here for a while. I sort of took a liking to this place, plus I don't have to be as serious compared to when I was in Atlas. I get to be normal for once, and people don't see me as that Specialist from Atlas.

Weiss: I see....

Ghira: Blake remember this isn't Remnant, please just please don't do anything that will get you in trouble.

Kali: If you disobey us again, there will be consequences. Do you understand Blake?

Blake: Yes....Mom, I understand.

Tai: Yang I expect you to behave, I don't want to get a call saying you destroyed another Night Club or worse sent a bunch of students to the Hospital.

Yang: Wait how do you know that?!

Tai: Ozpin told me and I had to convince him that I'm not paying for any of that. Yang you need to take responsibility of your actions, I hope Shiketsu will teach you that.

Qrow: Don't bother arguing Yang, you need this. Trust me.

Yang just looks down unable to answer as she accepts it.

Summer: And I made sure to cut your hair as short as I can. That way you won't go berserk when someone cuts yours on accident. I don't want reports of you brutally beating down students for that petty reason. Understand?

Yang nods as she remembered when Summer went to cut her hair. She also remembered she was with some woman wearing an outfit that looked like she was into BDSM, that woman had way too much fun cutting her hair.

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