Chapter 4

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Jaune: Midoriya!

Midoriya: On it!

As Midoriya runs towards the Balls as he jumps as he gets engulfed in Green lighting as he does a kick charged with One for All.

Midoriya: 'One for all....Full Cowl!' Shoot Style!

As he kicks the balls back to the candidates. They see more Balls headed their way as each of the 1A students block it using their Quirks. Jaune used his Quirk and created a small barrier that protects him and his friends. He projects a Vaccum cleaner to suck in all the balls that the Candidates throw at him and projects a sling shot and fires back at them.

Jaune: We need to keep moving, I'll draw them out! Use my barriers to protect yourselves!

As Jaune produces a barrier for each of his classmates.

Makabe: They're hitting back, huh?

Shindo: As expected, the UA guys won't go down with something like this.

Makabe: Well, I'm starting to see it.

Shindo: The best way to take them down is to take down their Knight of Light.

All the 1A are all gathered up in a circle as they look to their surroundings.

Jaune: I can sense their Aura signature, they're by those rocks over there. They're up to something. Jiro.

Jiro: On it.

Jaune: Everyone you know what to do.

Jiro places her Earphone Jacks on her gauntlets as places her hands on the ground.

Jiro: Sound Amplification. Earphone Jack! Heartbeat Fuzz!

As produces soundwaves that destorys the ground. But they see the balls headed their way.

Mineta: They're after me!

Ashido produces a Acid wall that blocks the Balls as the rest of Class 1A defend themselves from the other students.

Jaune: Keep pushing them back everyone! We got this, show everyone what UA is made of!

Shindo: I see now. This is not the Class A we saw at the Sports Festival. Their growth is remarkable. Now I see why everyone gets inspired by you Aizawa.

Shindo places his hands on the ground.

Shindo: Get away! Their defences are strong! Break!

Jaune: Dammit, guys we got a problem.

As Jaune projects a giant Hammer as he charges at Shindo.

Shindo: Maximum power! Earth Tremor.

As Shindo produces an Earthquake that destorys the ground and the surrounding area. As Jaune tries to counter it by smashing the ground to try to direct it somewhere else, but alas it failed

Iida: No! Everyone run!

Jaune: Guys! Dammit!

As Jaune produce hover boots as he tries to manuever through the rocks and the dust. He escapes and links up with Momo, Tsu, Jiro, and Shoji.

Jaune: You guys alright?

Shoji: We're good Jaune.

Jaune: We need to get out of here, there's no doubt they would be looking for us.

Momo: We could head over to the City area to get a vantage point.

Jaune: Good thinking Momo, alright guys let's move.

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