Chapter 32

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After that one sided match, all Pro Heroes head to the Building that Ozpin set up for them. Everyone gathers around in the main entrance as Ozpin and Nezu head to the front.

Nezu: Alright everyone, this here is the Building that Ozpin has provided us. During the fight we had Power Loader, David Shield, and Cementoss get to work on renovating this space.

Ozpin: All of you will individually get a room, and the accommodations are the same as the ones in UA. There will be lab to keep your Hero Costumes and Gear.

Nezu: And thanks to the help of White Rose and Bulwark we were able to create you all Mecha Shift weapons to use against the Grimm.

Ozpin: There will be a briefcase in your room with your weapon inside it and a manual for you to understand how your weapon works.

Nezu: Even though we had White Rose, Snow Sorceress and Akame teach you how to use those, there is still a training room that we created to test out your skills. You don't need to worry about Dust as the fuel source of those weapons come from our own world and we have unlimited supply of it in the vault.

Ozpin: Oh and if you're wondering about the Security System, Power Loader is here to explain it.

Power Loader: We installed the same Security System we have in UA. If you remember before we left, we had to give you all IDs. Well once you walk through the doors with your ID, it will allow you entry. In the event your ID gets stolen or you lost it. The system will recognise your face, we made sure to input all of the people in our facial recognition system, no one is getting in this base. Even if you have an ID if the system dosent recognise your face it will not allow you entry.

David: Also if you're wondering about people shape shifting into you. We asked for all your blood samples and the system will recognise you, that way if someone shape shifts into you and the scanner doesn't recognise your blood signature it won't let you in.

Aizawa: Good, I don't want any of these students or those infiltrators to get any ideas.

All Might: No doubt those infiltrators are planning to learn about us.

Raven: If they try, we can handle them. She thinks she's at an advantage, but we'll know her every move soon.

Nezu: I also want to make a very important note to the Students. Do not speak to any of the Students here in Beacon, they will act all friendly around you but they may have an ulterior motive, please be vigilant and if they try to attack you. You are given permission to use your Quirks.

Summer: Once you dealt with these "Students" please inform us using this Communicator. We already showed all of you the identities of the 3 infiltrators once they made contact with you contact us through this and we'll assist you.

Nezu: Now that's done, you may go to your rooms and lounge around while Ozpin and I alongside the staff of Beacon and UA will discuss some important matters in his office.

As all the Pro Heroes and Students nod as they all went inside the Building. Nezu hopes on Aizawa's scarf as the Staff of Beacon alongside Ozpin's Inner Circle head to his Office.

All of the Heroes in Training are lounging around in their Living Space. The area is divided into two sides, one for the Pro Heroes and one for the Students.

Ashido: So Jaune care to explain what you just did back at the Arena.

Jaune: What you mean my new powers?

Bakugo: Yeah! Your new powers! What we just saw didn't look like your Quirk at all!!

Midoriya: It's Magic isnt it Jaune?

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