Chapter 5

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Jaune and Saiko enter the assembly area where they see the students that passed the first part of the exam.

Saiko: I'll head to the vending machines to get some tea, you want some?

Jaune: Sure.

Saiko nods as Jaune looks for his Classmates. He sees Todoroki, Momo, Tsu, Jiro, and Shoji and heads towards them.

Jaune: Hey guys!

Momo: Oh Jaune you made it.

Shoji: We we're worried for you.

Jaune: Eh, well I had to do some things. Anyway is this it?

Todoroki: Yes, I was the first one in our class, then it was you guys.

Jaune: I see.

Just then Saiko comes back with the drinks and gives one to Jaune

Saiko: Here you go Jaune.

Jaune: Thanks Sai.

Momo: Wait it's you. How are you here? Jaune what did you do?

Jaune: Saiko's a close friend of my mine Momo, I decided to help her pass the exam. After you guys left, Saiko and I went out and eliminated some students, that's all.

Momo: So how do you know each other?

Jaune: What's with the questions?

Momo: Just answer the question Jaune.

Shoji: I'm going to take my leave.

Tsu: Same goes for me, Shoji let's go watch the live feed and see how the others are doing.

Todoroki: I'll join you as well.

Jiro: You're on your own Jaune. I hope you survive this ordeal.

Jaune: Wait, what does that mean?

As Shoji, Tsu, Jiro and Todoroki left leaving Momo, Jaune, and Saiko

Momo: So.

Jaune: (Sighs) Me and Saiko met at a coffee shop, we go to that place every weekend to hang out and do our weekly strategy games. Due to the dorms me and Saiko decided to do our matches online. So this is the first time we met since the Dorms, so yeah.

Saiko: And Jaune usually helps me train as well, during the weekend we would go to Dagobah Beach and do our weekly practice sessions. But usually I'm more of a strategist like Jaune, I'm not much of a fighter.

Momo: Are you guys close?

Saiko: That's getting personal now.

Momo: I was merely curious that's all I'm one of Jaune's closest friends.

Saiko: I see, technically I was his first close friend considering we spent more time together.

Momo: I was the first person that became his friend in UA.

Saiko: I was the one that help him trained for the Sports Festival and he won first place.

Momo: I was the one that helped him pass the Final Exams.

Saiko: Well tough luck, I was the one that gave him the strategy to beat the Teachers in the Final Exams. Top that!

Both of the girls just glare at each other. As the two continue arguing, Jaune is just scratching his head.

Jaune: What am I suppose to do here?

Just then Tsu calls out to the three of them saying that Midoriya and Bakugo's group have passed.

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