Chapter 9

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Jaune: The top of UA students, The Big Three.

Ashido: Big Three!

Iida: The best of the best among UA students.

Momo: The closest to a pro hero in our school.

Jiro: So they are the ones we're supposed to be like.

Kaminari: There's someone super pretty too. And they really don't look like it.

Aizawa: Now, can you briefly introduce yourselves? Let's start with Amajiki.

As Amajiki delivers a gaze that tenses the whole of Class 1A except for Jaune.

Jaune: 'This is going to go wrong in 3...2...'

Amajiki: I can't do it. Mirio...Hado..Even if I try to think they're all potatoes. They remain human apart from their head. Therefore, I can't see them as anything but human. How can I-I cant say anything. My mind's blank. I can't...

As Amajiki faces the wall.

Amajiki: I want to go home.

Jaune: 'And there it is'

Ojiro: Um...You're the top of the hero course, right?

Nejire: Listen, Amajiki. Someone like you, they call you a chicken! Isn't weird, since you're a human? This is Mr. Chicken, Tamaki Amajiki.

Jaune: 'That was rather rude to call him that Nejire, but I don't think you realize it'

Nejire: And I'm Nejire Hado. Today we were asked to talk about the hero internships. But...Hey, why are you wearing a mask? You have a cold or just fashion?

Shoji: Well, a long time ago-

Nejire: Wow! And you, you're Todoroki, right? Hey! Why did you burn your face like that?

Jaune: 'That's the wrong question to ask Todoroki'

Todoroki: That's

Nejire: Ashido, those horns, do they grow back if you break them? Do they move? Mineta, are those balls of your own hair? How do you get a haircut? Asui, you're a frog, not a toad, right? Oh and Jaune It's good to see you again! Do you any new armors and abilities you havent shown me? Can you do more cool summons!You're all so interesting! That's so curious!

As both Aizawa and Jaune just pinch the bridge of there nose, Aizawa being frustrated while Jaune, he just knows this is not a good first impression.

Aizawa: That's not very logical..

Mirio: Eraser Head! Don't worry! I'm the main event right? The future's-

Dead silence in the classroom as nobody even knew what he was saying. Jaune just sighs, why does he always end up with blondes who make mediocre jokes.

Mirio: Gonna be troublesome! Just joking guys! Good, my opener was a huge fail!

Sato: All Three of them are weird. They somehow don't seem like the real "Big Three".

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