Chapter 26

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Enzo's POV: 

What's going on Kiddo

I can't make it stop. I can't get it out of my head. 

Make what stop. 

I just want it to stop. 

I need to know what to help Bay. 

I can feel his hands, I can still feel the knife. Just make it stop. 

I grabbed her hands and then pulled her into a hug. 

I could feel her sobbing. 

Two days later and she still hasn't left her room. 

My Mom got her to eat a little bit, but she hasn't said a word in two days. 

My Mom is the only one she'll let into her room. 

She panics if even I go in there.

I'm getting really worried about her. 

Mom brings the dog outside a few times a day, but other than that the dog just lays in bed with her. 

He growls if someone other than my Mom comes in. 

It's like he knows exactly what Bay wants and needs. 

It's about 2PM and I just saw Bay leaving her room with my Mom and the dog. 

I was about to go up to her, but Mom gave me a hard warning glare.

I can't believe I'm jealous of my Mom and a dog. 

Maria's POV: 

Bay is so scared all the time. 

She doesn't communicate or respond in anyway to anything anyone has said. 

She only lets me me in her room. 

The dog kind of doesn't let anyone else in either.

Today Bay came with me to let her dog Pebbles out. 

Enzo was about to come up to us, but I made it clear he was not to do that. 

Bay and I are walking around the gardens and she's so tense. 

I wanna go back.

Are you sure? It's a beautiful day. I asked 

I wanna go back. 

Ok that's ok thank you for coming with me. 

We walked back to her room and she saw Ezra she kind of hid behind me as we walked back to her room. 

I made it clear to him as well not to come near us. 

Are they mad at me?

Why would they be mad? 

Because I'm not talking to them..

Hun I don't think they could ever be mad at you

She dropped the topic, but I could tell it was still bothering her. 

At night they've just been sitting outside her room. 

I can tell they're all worried about her. 

"How is she?" Ezra asked 

Especially Ezra. 

A/N- I realized I accidentally changed their last name from Russo to Romano from another book of mine, so I'll just keep it Romano from now on. Sorry about that.  Also the last few days especially your comments have kept me smiling so much! So thank you everyone! I'll do a double post, but the second one will come later today!

-Luna :)

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