Chapter 39

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Enzo's POV: 

It was this boy who looked no older than 20. 

That's only 5 years older than Bay, but he scared her and I can't forgive that. 

I had one of my men get started on him before I came down. 

He looked pretty bad. 

He had broken fingers snd his face was so swollen. 

I don't even know what else they did to him. 

It makes me feel sick.

Am I getting soft?

"Why did you put the pigs head at my door?" 

"Please...I didn't know..It was just some guy..He offered me a lot of money...I needed it for m-my sister.." 

Fuck I am getting soft. 

Why do I believe him. 

"My little girl opened that box and was covered in blood." 

"I'm sorry...I-I didn't know what was inside..Please...My sister needs me.."

He was crying. 

"How old are you?" 


I sighed. 

"How old is your sister?" 


"What's your name?" 


"Patch him up." 

"But Sir-" 

"Do you want to take his place?" 

"No Sir." 

"Then make sure he gets cleaned up. I want to speak to him before he leaves." 

"Yes Sir." 

As soon as I left the room I ran upstairs and into the kitchen. 

I threw up in the trash. 

I didn't see that everyone was in there. 

Are you ok Dad?

Don't worry I'm fine.

"We have a babysitter for Bay now. He'll start once he doesn't look like a he was eaten by a

"What do you mean?" 

"Another new person?"

"She doesn't even trust Theo yet. Is now really a good time to bring in another person?" 

"It'll be fine."

Damon's POV: 

I was practicing my sign language in the living room when Maria walked in.

"So you're the only one that's caught on huh?" 

"What do you mean?" 

"Ezra and my dear Bay. They like each other." 

"Oh yeah that's pretty obvious." 

"I want to give them a gentle nudge into the right direction. Will you help?" 

"Of course I'm a sucker for a good love story."

"I'll talk to Bay, you talk you Ezra." 

"I'm on it." 

Ezra's POV: 

Damon and I were hanging out in our room. 

We were just sitting in silence on our phones.

"So you like her right?" He blurted out. 


"You have a crush on her." 

"What? No. We work for her." 

"That doesn't mean anything and come on I'm your best friend." 

"It's not like that. I mean sure I wanna be around her all the time and protect her and make her life better and easier, but it's not like that." 

"You're a fucking idiot, you know that, right?"

"I don't like her like that." 

"Yes you do." 

"Yes I do." 

"Ha! I knew it!" 

"Shut up. It's not like anything could ever happen. Enzo and Xander would kill me." 

"You have Maria on your side." 

"No I don't." 

"Yes you do. She's the one who sent me to talk to you." 

"Really? I thought she hated me." 

"She doesn't, and I think you could get Marco on your side too." 

"I really like her man."

"I know. Now it's your shift tomorrow and you get to pick one activity to do with her of your choosing. What if you chose a date?" 

"I can't Enzo and Xander would kill me."

"Maria won't let them." 

"What would I even do with her?" 

"Figure it out I'm gonna go see what progress Maria made with Bay." 

"Wait Maria is talking to Bay?"

"Yeah someone has too." Damon said  walking out  before I could ask more.

Maria's POV: 

Bay how do you feel about Ezra? I asked.

He's nice to me. I like that.

Do you have a crush on him?

What's a crush?

Do you know what a romantic relationship is?

Like my Mom and Ben?

Kind of, but they were bad people, so let's use someone else. Like Marco and I. We like to kiss and tell each other everything. We like to spend time together and whenever we're around each other we feel so comfortable.

I feel comfortable with Ezra, and I like being around him more than anyone else. He makes me get this funny feeling in my stomach. It's kinda like being nervous, but it's not in a bad way. 

Honey it sounds like you've got a crush. 

What does that mean though? Does anything change?

It can mean that, but hun I think he feels the same way.

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